Child Benefit in Brussels

Do you live in Brussels with your children? Then you are entitled to Brussels Child Benefit. KidsLife Child Benefit Fund makes sure that you don't miss out on any benefits for your family. Find out all about Brussels child benefit here. 

Important! All Brussels families that would receive less child benefit under the new system starting in 2020 will continue to receive child benefit according to the pre-2020 rules!

Child Benefits in Brussels before 2020

Kraamgeld Brussel

Starting Amount or Maternity Allowance

As per the former child benefit legislation, you receive a one-off starting amount or maternity allowance upon the birth of each child. You also receive this same amount in the event of an adoption, under the adoption bonus scheme. If you are expecting a child after 01/01/2020 you will receive the following amounts: 

First Birth 1238,82 euros
Second and subsequent births  563,10 euros

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Basisbedrag nieuwe kinderbijslag Brussel

Child Benefit basic amount

As of 2020, tiered payments will no longer apply. The basic amount will instead be based on the age of your children. This fair system ensures that every child receives what they are entitled to. Because every child deserves happiness.  
The amounts depend on your family circumstances and family income.

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Age Born after 2020 Born prior to 2020

0 to 11 years

168,93 euros per month 157,67 euros per month

12 to 17 years

180,19 euro per month 168,93 euro per month
18 to 24 years (no higher eduction) 180,19 euros per month 168,93 euros per month
18 tot 24 jaar (higher education) 191,45 euros per month 180,19 euros per month
Exeption: Families with 1 child and an income of more than 35.296,58 euros gross per year (regardless of age) 168,93 euros per month 154,58 euros per month

Supplementary Child Allowance

Orphan’s Allowance

Children with at least one deceased parent are entitled to the orphan’s allowance.  
If one of the parents is deceased, the basic amount is supplemented with half of the basic amount. If both parents are deceased, the basic amount is doubled.
As of 2020, the orphan’s allowance is no longer dependent on the cohabitation of one of the parents. 

Annual Age Supplement

This allowance is available for every family from the birth of the child. 
This annual age supplement is paid in the month of August. The amounts that you will receive are detailed below:

Age Amount
0 to 5 years 22,08 euros
6 to 11 years 33,12 euros

12 to 25 years (no higher education)

55,21 euros

12 to 25 years (higher education)

88,33 euros

Disability Allowance

Children with a recognised condition remain entitled to this supplement.

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Supplementary Income Allowance

Every child deserves happiness! In order to provide families with maximum support, we provide a supplementary allowance that is based on your family size and family income. You can check your eligibility for this allowance below:

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Your annual family income is less than €35.296,58 (monthly amounts per child)

Age Child Amount
0 to 11 years 1st Child 45,05 euros
  2nd Child 78,83 euros
  From 3 Children 123,88 euros
12 to 24 years 1st Child 56,31 Euro
  2nd Child 90,10 Euro
  From 3 Children 135,14 Euro

Single-parent family  (as a supplement to the allowance)

  • 1 Child: not entitled to an allowance
  • From 2 Children: 10,61 euros extra per child
  • From 3 Children:  21,22 euros extra per child

Your annual family income is between €35.296,58 and €51.236,98(monthly amounts per child)

Child Amount
1 child not entitled to an allowance
From 2 Children 28,16 euro per child
From 3 Children 81,09 euro per child

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