My child has graduated

Is your son or daughter no longer attending school? Please notify your Growth Package payment provider as soon as possible.

My child has graduated

If your child no longer satisfies the award conditions for a “student”, you may still be eligible to claim a “school leaver” family allowance for a period of 12 months.  During this period, the young person is bound by certain conditions pertaining to the exercise of a profitable activity. From 1/01/2019, payments will be suspended in the following situations:

  • As soon as the young person works more than 475 hours as a student (student employment contract);
  • As soon as the young person works more than 80 hours in a month in any other form of employment;
  • As soon as the young person starts work as a self-employed person and thereby pays contributions as a self-employed person as their main profession;
  • As soon as the young person starts receiving social benefits on the basis of a Belgian or foreign scheme pertaining to illness, invalidity, work-related accidents, occupational illness, unemployment or career breaks.

What does your son or daughter have to do now that he/she has graduated or quit studying

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Questions about your (ex-)student?

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