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KidsLife not only ensures accurate and timely Child Benefit and Growth Package payments for every family that’s entitled to them; we also proactively inform parents about all the options for giving their children every opportunity in life. A societal role that we consciously embrace, with a view to helping every family in Belgium.

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Together, we strive for happiness for every child.

KidsLife aspires to be so much more than a Child Benefit fund. An ambition that we endeavour to fulfil on a daily basis.

  • Ensure 400,000 children receive everything they’re entitled to on a monthly basis.
  • Enjoy a flexible working environment where you can learn and develop.
  • Assist families with their family budget.
  • Work with friendly colleagues who are always on hand to provide support. With cake and counsel.

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5 reasons for choosing to work at KidsLife.

1. Social Mission

We help families throughout Belgium to obtain all the benefits to which they’re entitled. More than 400,000 children currently receive their Child Benefit or Growth Package from KidsLife.  We ensure that these families never miss out on any benefits.

2. Work-life balance

Flexible working hours provide an optimal balance between work and family life. Keen to receive 12 ADV days (days off granted due to a reduction of working hours) in addition to your annual leave, and have the option to work part-time? You can at KidsLife!
You can also choose to make home working a regular part of your working week.

3. Grow with us

KidsLife is a young and dynamic organisation that’s constantly evolving. We encourage all our employees to grow with us. In addition to regular training, you also get to contribute to our organisation’s success by participating in various projects and working groups.

4. Colleagues

Each of our employees are unique in their own right. But we’re all working towards the same goals! This team spirit makes for a fun working environment and ensures that there’s always plenty of support where needed.

5. Pay

Yes, performing a societal role is important. But so too is receiving a generous monthly salary on your bank account.  We supplement our competitive salaries with various non-statutory benefits (group insurance, hospitalisation insurance, meal vouchers, annual bonus etc.).

Our offices

KidsLife is a nationwide Child Benefit Fund and consequently has offices and workplaces all over the country. These ensure that we’re not only accessible to our customers, but also our employees.

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