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When will I receive my Growth Package or Child Benefit?

Child Benefit is always paid on the 8th of each month. If the 8th falls on a weekend, then we will pay it on the last working day prior to that weekend. Please check our payment calendar for the various payment dates. 

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The maximum age for Child Benefit and Growth Package entitlement is 25 years. From the age of 18 upwards, you must satisfy certain criteria in order to retain your Child Benefit and Growth Package entitlement. No regular or automatic substitute applies once your entitlement to Child Benefit has ceased. If your child was entitled to a Care Allowance due to a specific support requirement, then they may be entitled to a Disability Allowance once their Child Benefit entitlement has ceased.  Please note that this is not an automatic entitlement. It must be requested and the application subsequently investigated.

As of 31 December 2020, the United Kingdom is officially no longer part of the European Union.
This can impact those who live in Belgium but work in the UK (or vice versa) and are receiving Belgian Child Benefit, or intend to apply. A Withdrawal Agreement was negotiated as a transitional measure:

  • Were you entitled to Belgian Child Benefit on 31/12/2020 according to the European Regulation conditions that applied at the time? Then this will remain in force from 01/01/2021, providing you continue to satisfy the same conditions.
  • Were you not entitled to Child Benefit according to the European regulations in force on 31/12/2020, or did you suddenly no longer satisfy those conditions after 31/12/2020? 

In that case, you must comply with the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement in order to retain your Belgian Child Benefit entitlement.

If you do not comply with the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement, then you will only retain your Belgian Child Benefit entitlement if you live in Belgium and satisfy the general conditions of the region in which you reside (Growth Package in Flanders, Child Benefit in Wallonia and Brussels).

Child Benefit in Belgium is composed of different premiums and allowances that you receive from the KidsLife Child Benefit Fund while raising your family. Aren't you receiving Child Benefit in Belgium yet? Our KidsLife adviser, Pierre, will help you get started in this video! Watch it here. 

Do you live or work in Belgium? Then you may be entitled to Child Benefit. The KidsLife Child Benefit Fund examines your entitlement to Child Benefit and then ensures you receive it on time every month. Our KidsLife adviser, Pierre, explains in this video how you can obtain Child Benefit in Belgium.