My child has become an adult

Their coming of age will result in your son or daughter assuming an increasing amount of responsibility. Growth Package payment will continue in the following situations. If none of these situations apply to your son or daughter, please contact KidsLife so that we can provide you with more information.  

My child has graduated

Going to school 

In general, children who are 18 years old and still attend school are entitled to the Growth Package. 

Secondary Education: those who attend a minimum of 17 lessons at a recognised school are entitled to the Growth Package. 

Higher education: to be eligible during higher education, students must at least be enrolled in lectures totalling 27 study credits or more.  

Part-time education: those attending part-time education may also be entitled to the Growth Package.

My child is going abroad
Is your son or daughter about to embark on a foreign adventure? Please contact us for specific information on how to retain your Growth Package entitlement.  

My child had become an adult

As of 1/01/2019, payments will be suspended in the following situations: 

  • As soon as the young person works more than 475 hours as a student (student employment contract); 
  • As soon as the young person works more than 80 hours in a month in any other form of employment; 
  • As soon as the young person begins work as a self-employed person and thereby pays contributions as a self-employed person as their main profession;
  • As soon as the young person starts receiving social benefits on the basis of a Belgian or foreign scheme pertaining to illness, invalidity, work-related accidents, occupational illness, unemployment or a career break.  


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