Childcare Allowance

The childcare allowance is a participation allowance for children who attend a Dutch-language childcare facility in Flanders. 

Wie ontvangt de Kinderopvangtoeslag?

Who is entitled to the childcare allowance?

Some conditions apply for your child in order for you to receive the childcare allowance.  

  • Your child attends a Dutch-language childcare facility in Flanders or Brussels-capital. 

  • The childcare fee is not calculated based on your income.  

  • Your child has not yet started attending pre-school. If he or she is already half attending pre-school and is still half in childcare, you will not receive an allowance. 

How much is the childcare allowance?

Providing you satisfy the conditions, you are entitled to a childcare allowance of EUR 3,43 per child per day.  

How is the allowance calculated?  
A full day of childcare consists of at least 5 hours.  

> 5 hours of childcare EUR 3,43 per child
3 to 5 hours of childcare EUR 1,70 per child (half a full day of childcare)
< 3 hours of childcare no allowance applies

8-month-old Oona attended a childcare facility for 15 full days and 2 half days in October. She was entitled to a childcare allowance of 16 days of care x 3,43 Euros that month. 

Hoe ontvang je de Kinderopvangtoeslag?

How do you obtain the childcare allowance? 

Do you live in Flanders? Then you don't have to do a thing. Your childcare facility will provide a record of your child's attendance to your child benefit payment provider (possibly via the Child and Family Agency). Your childcare allowance will be automatically paid out on the 20th of the month following the month of childcare.  

Please note: if you live in Brussels or Wallonia, this is not an automatic process and you must submit an application

Apply for Childcare Allowance

Finding a childcare facility 

What types of childcare are available? And how do you start the search for suitable childcare for your little one? 

  • What types of childcare exist? Some childcare centres are subsidised (by the Child and Family Agency in Flanders, by ONE in Wallonia and Brussels), others are not. If the childcare facility is subsidised, then you pay a fixed amount based on your income. Non-subsidised childcare centres determine their own fees.  

  • How can you find a suitable childcare facility? Most municipalities provide a childcare service. Check your municipality’s website or drop by in person. You can sometimes visit the childcare facility itself to check whether they have space available and to get acquainted. You can find a list of licensed childcare facilities on the Kind en Gezin website.

  • Did you know that your childcare costs are tax deductible (provided that the childcare facility is licensed)? You can deduct a maximum of EUR 14 per day, per child. This amounts to a 45% tax reduction on your costs. Check the conditions on the FOD Financiën website. 
  • Always verify that your childcare facility is licensed! Non-licensed childcare facilities are not authorised to take care of babies or toddlers. And you will not receive a tax certificate for your childcare costs.

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