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Baby on the way? Apply for your Starting Amount or Maternity Allowance today.

About to become a mum, dad or co-parent? Every child is entitled to the Maternity Allowance or Starting Amount upon birth or during pregnancy. You can apply for this birth premium right from the very onset of your pregnancy.

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Already receiving Child Benefit or the Growth Package, but want to switch to KidsLife?

Already receiving your Growth Package or Child Benefit from another Child Benefit Fund but would prefer to receive your payments from KidsLife? You can switch quickly and easily online! We make all the necessary arrangements to ensure the punctual payment of your Child Benefit and Growth Package. We also check that you’re receiving all the allowances to which you’re entitled. That way you don’t miss out on any benefits.

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New to Belgium? Or not yet receiving your Child Benefit or Growth Package?

Requesting your Child Benefit or Growth Package online is quick and easy at KidsLife. You can even submit an application if you live or work abroad.

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Apply for the Childcare Allowance, Toddler Allowance or Study Allowance

Does your child attend a Dutch-speaking childcare facility in Flanders or Brussels for which you’re exempt from payment based on parental income?Or does your child attend a Dutch-speaking school in Flanders or Brussels?

Apply for your Participation Allowance here.

Live in Flanders? Then you needn’t submit an application. You’ll automatically receive this allowance if you’re entitled to it.

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Заявка на отримання допомоги по догляду за дитиною в Бельгії для українських родин 

Application for child benefit in Belgium for Ukrainian families

Ви можете надіслати заявку на отримання матеріальної допомоги по догляду за дитиною, тільки якщо відповідаєте наведеним далі вимогам.

You can only submit an application for Child Benefit if you meet the conditions below:  

  • Ви перебуваєте на території Бельгії разом із дітьми (від 0 до 25 років).
    You are staying in Belgium with children (0-25 years)
  • Ви маєте картку А (дозвіл на проживання).
    You have an A card (residence permit)
  • Ви маєте рахунок у бельгійському банку.
    You have a Belgian bank account number

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