Care allowance

Some families require additional support. Such as when their child is suffering from a long-term illness, for example. Or if their child requires extra assistance due to a mental or physical handicap. The care allowance is intended to lighten the financial burden in such circumstances.  
Entitlement to care allowance

Entitlement to care allowance

How do you know if your child is eligible?  

To find out if you’re eligible, your child must undergo a medical assessment. The doctor examines 3 pillars: the (physical and/or mental) consequences of the child's disability or illness, its impact on the child's day-to-day life and its impact on their family.  

Each pillar is awarded a number of points. If your child scores 4 points or more in pillar 1, or 6 points in the 3 pillars combined, then they’re entitled to a care allowance. The higher the score, the greater the care allowance amount.  

How do you apply for the care allowance? 

Please contact us directly. KidsLife will send your request to the Child and Family Agency’s 'Opgroeien' division.  
You may contact these services directly with any questions related to the medical assessment.  

Through your online Customer Portal My KidsLife you can easily submit an application

What happens when your child reaches 21 years of age?  

Your child’s care allowance terminates at 21 years of age. At that point, you’ll only receive the basic Groeipakket amount. However, you can apply for a disability allowance.  


Application to KidsLife

Your child needs extra care. You submit your application to KidsLife to investigate the right to a Care Allowance
Apply via My KidsLife

KidsLife processes your application

Your KidsLife advisor goes to work to initiate an investigation with the relevant government agency.


The competent government agency conducts an investigation. As a parent, you may receive additional questionnaires for this. You may also have to visit a control doctor. The government takes a decision and sends it on to KidsLife


Based on the government's decision, KidsLife pays out a Care Allowance.

How much Care Allowance will you get?

You receive the care allowance in addition to the basic Groeipakket amount on a monthly basis. The amount ranges between 89,16 euros and 594,38 euros, depending on the number of points awarded in 1 or more pillars:

  Less than 4 points in pillar 1  4 points or more in pillar 1 
Total 0 - 5 points  / 89,16 Euro
Total 6 - 8 points 118,74 Euro 457,39  Euro
Total 9 - 11 points 277,09  Euro 457,39 Euro
Total 12 - 14 points 457,39 Euro 457,39 Euro
Total 15 - 17 points 520,09 Euro 520,09 Euro
Total 18 - 20 points 557,24 Euro 557,24 Euro
Total + 20 points 594,38 Euro 594,38 Euro
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