Income-related allowance, the new Social Allowance in Brussels

KidsLife assists low-income families by paying them a supplementary allowance. 
The social allowance is completely dependent on your situation: your place of residence, your income and your family situation.  

Sociale toeslag aanvragen in Brussel

KidsLife ensures that you automatically receive what you are entitled to. We examine the entitlement to this allowance for every family in Brussels, so you do not need to apply for it. Quite handy, right? 

Do you think you are eligible and would you like us to examine the entitlement to the allowance? Then contact us, or apply here for your Social Allowance! 

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Social Allowance amounts

Your annual family income is less than €32.574,92 

Then you’re entitled to a Social Allowance! The amount per child you will receive each month depends on the age of the children and their birth rank. The monthly amounts paid out together with the Child Benefit in this situation are given below: 




0 to 11 years 

1st child 

41,62  euros 


2nd child 

72,83 euros


From 3rd child 

114,44 euros 

12 to 24 years 

1st child 

52,02 euros


2nd child 

83,23 euros


From 3rd child 

124,85 euros


If you are a single-parent family, you may also be entitled to a supplementary allowance on top of the above amounts.  

If you have 2 children entitled to Child Benefit, you will receive a €10,40 allowance per child on top of the above amounts. 

If you have 3 or more children entitled to Child Benefit, you will receive a €20,81  allowance per child on top of the above amounts. 

Your annual family income lies between €32.574,92 and €47.286,18

Then you fall into an intermediate category. If you have at least 2 children entitled to Child Benefit, you are entitled to the Social Allowance. The amounts are given below: 



1 child 

no entitlement 

from 2 children 

26,01 euros per child 

from 3 children 

74,91 euros per child

Do you live in Flanders or Wallonia?

In Belgium, all families on a lower income may be entitled to a Social Allowance. The conditions and amounts vary per region. Social Allowance by region: 

Social Allowance in Flanders

Social Allowance in Wallonia 

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