Happiness begins with your Growth Package, the new Child Benefit in Flanders

All children in Flanders are entitled to the Growth Package, the new name for Child Benefit. 
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Growth Package Basic Amounts 

The basic amount or family allowance is paid as part of the Growth Package on a monthly basis, just like the former Child Allowance. You invariably receive this amount around the 8th of every month. If the 8th falls on a weekend, it will be paid on the last working day prior to that weekend.  
The basic Growth Package amount is the same for every child from 01/01/2019 onwards. If you received Child Benefit prior to 2019, then in most cases you will continue to receive the same amount.  

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Basic monthly amount (for each child born from 01/01/2019 onwards*) 

171,49 euros

* children born prior to 2019 will, in most circumstances, continue to receive the same amount as before.

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Growth Package Social Allowance 

The social allowance was created to give children from lower-income families every opportunity to develop. The amount that you receive depends on your income and the size of your family.

Growth Package: Social Allowance

Growth Package Care Allowances 

Orphans, half-orphans, foster children and children with specific support needs also receive a supplementary allowance: 

In the event that both parents have died, orphaned children each receive a supplementary allowance of 171,49 euros in addition to the basic amount. The care allowance for half-orphans is 86,59 euros.  

The foster care allowance is a supplementary monthly allowance that children who are placed in a foster family receive in addition to the basic amount. It amounts to 66,89 euros per child. 

The care allowance is intended to help children with specific support needs cope with the consequences of those support needs.

Orphan supplement (both parents deceased) 

171,49 euros (extra per month) 

Orphan supplement (one parent deceased) 

86,59 euros (extra per month) 

Foster care allowance 

66,89 euros (extra per month)  

Care allowance for children with a disability 

Based on the medical decision taken by the competent authority.  

All care allowances at a glance

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Participation Allowances 

The various Participation Allowances are a supplement to the monthly Child Benefit amount. You are entitled to these if your child attends a Dutch-language school or childcare facility. 
If you live in Flanders, you needn’t apply for these allowances directly; KidsLife automatically ensures that every family receives the amount to which they are entitled. The Participation Allowances are:

Childcare Allowance

The Childcare Allowance provides an additional premium for children who attend Dutch-language childcare in Flanders or Brussels-capital. It’s important that you are exempt from payment based on your income. 

If you live in Flanders, KidsLife will automatically investigate whether you are entitled to the Childcare Allowance. If you don’t live in Flanders, then you can request it from KidsLife.  
KidsLife invariably pays the Childcare Allowance around the 20th of the month. 

Childcare Allowance 

3,43 euros per day of childcare  

Read more about the Childcare Allowance

Allocation préscolaire 

Children aged 3 and/or 4 years may be entitled to the Toddler Allowance 

3-year-old children are entitled to this, providing they are timely enrolled in Dutch-language education.  

In the case of 4-year-old children, sufficient attendance is also required in addition to timely enrolment in Dutch-language education.  

The Toddler Allowance is a one-off premium that is paid in the month following your child’s 3rd and 4th birthday. 

Toddler Allowance 

137,96 euros (one-off premium following the toddler’s birthday)  

Read more about the Toddler Allowance 

Allocation Scolaire

School-aged children who grow up in a lower-income family are entitled to a school allowance. The amount depends on family size and income, and is awarded per school year. 

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