About KidsLife

KidsLife vzw was founded by HR service groups Liantis, Group S and EASYPAY GROUP, and has been an authorised Kind&Gezin Growth Package payment provider since 2019. We are also the right Child Benefit funds in Wallonia and Brussels.

Our ambition goes beyond merely providing the accurate and timely payment of family benefits to affiliated families. We aim to become a full-fledged partner in family policy by optimally supporting and informing current and future families with children. We can achieve this by proactive researching all available data in order to determine applicable allowances, by exploiting our excellent collaboration with other family policy stakeholders, and by providing families with streamlined online services and friendly face-to-face contact.   

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Why choose KidsLife?

KidsLife enjoys extremely high quality ratings. We satisfy the most stringent standards for accurate and timely payment. 

KidsLife offers a personalised service and customised assistance to more than 250,000 families, who depend on us for the payment of their child benefits. 

KidsLife is the most socially engaged child benefit fund in Belgium. We ensure that no-one gets left behind and actively advocate the rights of all children in Belgium. 

KidsLife is the new child benefit fund of three leading HR Service Groups that are active throughout Belgium: Group S, Liantis and EASYPAY GROUP. 

KidsLife is one of five authorised Kind & Gezin payment providers.

KidsLife lives up to its name: we do everything to ensure a happy life for your children, at each and every stage of their development. Because every child deserves happiness. 

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