Foster care allowance in Flanders

Unfortunately, not every child is lucky enough to grow up in a steady home. In difficult home situations, it may be in the best interest of the child to place it temporarily in a foster family. In that case, the government grants financial support: the foster care allowance.
What is the foster care allowance?

What is the foster care allowance?

A child placed in a foster family in Flanders can be entitled to a monthly supplement on top of the basic amount of the Groeipakket.

  • The supplement is 68,23 Euro per month.
  • You do not have to apply for the supplement: we make sure you receive the amount automatically if you are entitled to it.
  • The person receiving the supplement depends on the type of foster care.

Foster care terminology 

Long-term foster care

This type of foster care places a child with a family for longer periods of time, in the event that it’s no longer possible for them to remain at home. A foster family placement of more than one year is considered long-term foster care. If possible, the child maintains contact with their parents.

Short-term foster care

This type of foster care is intended to swiftly provide the child with a clear and sustainable solution: a return to the parental home, a long-term placement in a foster family, or perhaps a placement in another facility ... Short-term foster care typically lasts a couple of months.

Who receives the foster care allowance?

The amount is paid out in full to 

  • the foster parent, in the case of long-term foster care. 
  • the person that was already the beneficiary of the Groeipakket before the placement , in the case of short-term foster care. 

If you already received the foster care bonus prior to 1 January 2019 you continue to receive it, providing there has been no changes to the placement.

How much is the Foster Care Allowance?

The foster care supplement is a monthly supplement on top of the basic amount of the Groeipakket. The supplement amounts to 68,23 Euro.

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What is the difference between child and adult foster care?

Child foster care concerns minors (0 to 18 years) in problematic home environments, with behavioural or emotional issues, or with a disability or psychiatric condition. Adult foster care concerns adults with a disability or psychiatric condition.  

Are there other forms of foster care?

  • Supportive foster care

This type of foster care gives children who have been placed in a facility full-time the opportunity of spending a weekend or holiday somewhere else. It can also provide a solution in the event that a vulnerable parent (with no social network of their own) is temporarily unable to take care of their child.  

  • Emergency foster care

Children or adults who require urgent and prompt foster placement due to a crisis situation can be placed in an emergency foster family. The child (or adult in the case of adult foster care) can usually return home following a short stay. If this isn’t possible, then a long-term solution will be sought. 

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