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KidsLife always wants to be there during the most important moments in the life of your child and your family. We make sure you get all the financial support your child is entitled to, because every child deserves happiness.
Our KidsLife advisors are ready to help you quickly and easily with the Child Benefits and the various supplements. We really care about your children.

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Baby on the way?

Congratulations! KidsLife wants to be there for you and your child right from the start. We'll give you a boost with the Starting Amount. You can apply for the Maternity Allowance from the very beginning. Quickly apply for your Maternity Fee online here!

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Growth Package or Child Benefits

Child Benefits or Growth Package?

In Flanders we no longer speak of Child Benefit but of Growth Package. Child benefit in Brussels and Wallonia was also reformed at the beginning of 2020. These changes may have an impact on the amounts you receive.

Growth Package in Flanders

Child Benefits in Brussels

Child Benefits in Wallonia

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That's possible! Just like 250,000 other families, do you want to enjoy a punctual and correct payment of your Child Benefit or Growth Package? KidsLife ensures that you receive all the benefits to which your family is entitled. Leave your details here, and we will be happy to do the rest! Our KidsLife advisors are ready to support you and your family.

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Apply for Maternity Fee or Starting Amount

Starting amount is the new name for the Maternity Allowance in Flanders. In Brussels and Wallonia we will keep the term 'Maternity Allowance'. You can apply for the premium at KidsLife from the very beginning of your pregnancy. KidsLife will then ensure a correct and punctual payment.

Calculate your Maternity Allowance

If you know the expected delivery date, we can inform you about the earliest date of request and payment.

Your Maternity Allowance

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Kidslife privacy policy

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