Social supplements

The social allowance was created to give children from lower-income families every opportunity to develop. The amount you receive depends on the income and size of your family and varies between 51 euros and 81.60 euros per child per month. 

If you are entitled to this benefit, you will receive it automatically. Do you have any questions or believe that you are entitled to the social allowance, but are not currently receiving it? 

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Anyone who was unemployed or incapacitated for work before 1/01/2019, or who is a single-parent family, may be entitled to a social allowance. This allowance depends on the family’s socio-professional status and income. From 1/01/2019, the allowance entitlement is no longer linked to your employment status and depends exclusively on your family income and size. 

This new regulation applies to children born both before and after 1 January 2019. An important side note: children born before 1 January 2019 will continue to receive the current child benefit legislation amounts. In addition, families with an annual income of between 30,984 euros and 61,200 euros are only entitled to an allowance if a third or subsequent qualifying child is added to the family on or after 01/01/2019 (*) 

Children born from 1/01/2019 will receive the new amounts. 

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Threshold amounts from 1/1/2019 

Family size Income threshold

Monthly Allowance 

1 of 2 children < 30.984 euros 51 euros per child
> 2 children < 30.984 euros 81,60 euros per child
> 2 children 30.984 euros - 61.200 euros (*) 61,20 euros per child(*)


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