Participation allowance

The participation allowances form part of the Groeipakket. The Participation Allowance is the collective name for various allowances: the Childcare Allowance, the Toddler Allowance and the School Allowance. 

What are the amounts of participation allowances?

Childcare Allowance 

EUR 3,50 per day

Toddler Allowance

 EUR 143,53 a year

School Allowance

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Request a participation allowance 

Do you live in Flanders?  

Then you needn’t do a thing. As you’re already receiving your Groeipakket from KidsLife, we’ll ensure that you receive the correct entitlement. If your children attend childcare, pre-school or school, then we’ll automatically investigate your entitlement to the Childcare Allowance, Toddler Allowance and School Allowance. So you needn’t submit an application.

Don’t live in Flanders? 

Then you’re not currently receiving the Groeipakket. If you believe that your son or daughter is eligible for the Childcare Allowance, Toddler Allowance or School Allowance, then please submit an application here

Don’t live in Flanders and your child is attending a Dutch-speaking pre-school or school in Belgium? Then request your Childcare, Toddler or School Allowance here.  

Apply for Participation Allowances
Childcare Allowance 

Childcare Allowance 

Parents who make use of a Dutch-language childcare facility and who don’t pay based on their income are entitled to the Childcare Allowance. This childcare allowance amounts to 3,50 euros per day of childcare.  

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Toddler Allowance

Toddler Allowance

Toddlers aged three or four on or after 1/1/2019 who are enrolled in Dutch-language education and attend school frequently enough, receive an allowance of 143,53 euros per year: the Toddler Allowance.  

Everything you need to know about the Toddler Allowance


School Allowance 

School Allowance 

In certain cases, children who attend pre-school, primary or secondary school are entitled to the School Allowance. This allowance is also referred to as the selective participation allowance or School Premium and is intended for low-income families. 
The School Allowance differs from the School Bonus to which every child is entitled

Read everything you need to know about the School Allowance


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