Frequently Asked Questions: School Allowance

  • School Allowance

    Who is entitled to the Study Allowance?

    In the majority of cases, KidsLife pays the Study Allowance, also known as School Allowance, to the parent(s), beneficiaries or benefit recipient.
    Adult children who are in secondary education and are married, independent or single, receive the Study Allowance themselves.

  • School Allowance

    When is the Study Allowance paid?

    KidsLife receives all the necessary information from the Flemish Government. We automatically pay the Study Allowance or Selective Participation Allowance (SEPAR) based on this information. The timing of your Study Allowance payment consequently depends on several factors. Study Allowance payment is typically made as follows:

    • Families with minor children only: from September/October.
    • Families with at least 1 adult child: from October to December.                               
    • Study Allowance payment depends on the completeness of the information that we receive from the Flemish Government

    Example: A person who doesn’t register at an accredited school until the month of October will not be entitled to payment in September. As soon as we have received the information, you will receive a weekly payment from KidsLife.

    Please note: No application is necessary! Already receive your Child Benefit or Growth Package from KidsLife? We ensure that every family that’s entitled to the Study Allowance receives this automatically. Handy, right? 

  • School Allowance

    Until what age are you entitled to the Study Allowance?

    We make a distinction between nursery/primary and secondary education. For the latter category, you can retain your Study Allowance entitlement until the year in which the student turns 22. There is no age restriction for BuSO (special-needs secondary education) and HBO5 Nursing. 

    You must request the Study Allowance or Education Allowance in Higher Education from the Flemish Government.


  • School Allowance

    What’s the difference between the Study Allowance and the School Bonus?

    The School Bonus is a school premium (or education allowance) for all families with children and is automatically paid by KidsLife in August, together with your Child Benefit for the month of July.

    The Study Allowance is a supplementary amount for low-income families. KidsLife automatically pays this before the end of the year to all families who are entitled to it.

  • School Allowance

    When do I need to apply for the Study Allowance?

    KidsLife makes things easy by automatically paying the Study Allowance at the end of the year.

    You can submit an application:

    • If you live in Brussels or Wallonia and your child is attending a recognised Flemish school. Contact us and and we’ll investigate your  Study Allowance entitlement.
  • School Allowance

    I received the Study Allowance the previous school year, but my child is now attending college or university

    The KidsLife Child Benefit Fund pays the Study Allowance up to and including secondary education. Is your son or daughter now pursuing higher education at college or university? Then you’ll have to apply for the education allowance yourself via the Flemish Government. The education allowance from the Flemish Government has largely the same conditions as those for the Study Allowance.

  • School Allowance

    What happens to the Study Allowance if my parents divorce?

    The study allowance or education allowance is paid to the child benefit recipient. However, it’s calculated based on the family income of the parent(s) or actual caregiver(s) with whom the child is domiciled. If the child is married, self-sufficient or living alone, then the study allowance is calculated based on the income of the child and their cohabiting partner if applicable. 

  • School Allowance

    How can I apply for the Study Allowance?

    You’ll automatically receive the Study Allowance or Education Allowance if you’re entitled to it, providing that you live in Flanders and up to and including secondary education. 
    Don’t live in Flanders? Then you can apply for the Study Allowance from KidsLife. 
    Is your son or daughter attending higher education? Then you must submit an application to the Education department. 

    View all of the conditions that apply to the Study Allowance here