Frequently Asked Questions: PLACEHOLDER TITLE - care-allowance

  • Care Allowance

    Dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysphasia, dyscalculia, dysorthography, attention disorders…. Does your child suffer from a learning disorder and are you wondering if this may affect your child benefit? You may be entitled to an increase in child benefit for your child.

    More details about the supplement for children with a condition can be found here.

  • Care Allowance

    Have you applied for Care Allowance (allowance for young people with a medical condition) and do you want to cancel it?

    • You can easily do this on the Kind en Gezin website. Click on the 'Specific Support Need' button, then log in via itsme or via your eID and stop your request via the 'All Actions' button. NB: Only the Care Allowance applicant can log in and cancel the application. If you cancel your application, you will avoid receiving further application forms and reminders to investigate your entitlement to Care Allowance. 
    • You can follow the same procedure if you have mistakenly submitted an Application for a Care Allowance on your My KidsLife customer portal.