Study Allowance: participation allowance for low-income families.

In certain circumstances children who attend pre-, primary or secondary school are entitled to the Study Allowance. This allowance is also referred to as the selective participation allowance and is intended for families on low incomes. You receive this in addition to the school premium or school bonus that’s paid out in August. 

Hoeveel schooltoeslag krijg ik bij KidsLife?

How much Study Allowance will you receive? 

That depends on your family income, family circumstances and the type of education. We receive this official data from the Flemish Government. So you need no longer submit a paper application. KidsLife now makes the automatic payment instead of the government. Below is an overview of the Study Allowance amounts. Please note that these are the amounts from the 2022-2023 school year onwards:

Study Allowance for pre- and primary education 

  Minimum allowance  Full allowance Exceptional allowance 
Pre-school education  / €107,47  /
Primary education  €125,41 €195,04 €253,26

Study Allowance for secondary education 

  Minimum allowance  Full allowance Exceptional allowance 
Married/independent/single students   €738,91 €3387,57 /
Students in the 3rd year of third grade full-time technical or vocational secondary education. 

Intern: €751,52

Extern: €290,80

Intern: €1928,75

Extern: €1173,24

Full-time secondary education 

Intern: €626,27

Extern: €242,24

Intern: €1607,24

Extern: €977,60

Part-time secondary education/Syntra  €203,70 €556,98 €718,54
Nursing HBO5   €859,98

Intern: €3773,03

Extern: €1256,34


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Wat zijn de voorwaarden van de Schooltoeslag?

When will you receive your Study Allowance? 

This usually happens prior to the end of the calendar year, per school year. 

Criteria for Study Allowance entitlement: 

  • Your child attends a pre-, primary or secondary school in Flanders or Brussels that’s recognised, subsidised or financed by the Flemish Community. 

  • Your son or daughter is enrolled at the school and demonstrates sufficient attendance. 

  • Your family income falls within a certain threshold amount. These threshold amounts are entirely dependent on your family circumstances.  

Request the Study Allowance 

  • Do you live in Brussels or Wallonia and does your child attend a recognised Flemish school? Apply for your Study Allowance here and we’ll investigate your entitlement. 

  • If you’re pursuing an HBO5 course and you’re older than 25, then you’re no longer entitled to Child Benefit but may still be entitled to the Study Allowance. In this scenario, we only investigate your entitlement if you apply for it. 

    Request the Study Allowance 

  • Want to receive a Study Allowance for past school years? Request this from the Flemish Government.

And what about adult children? 

As of 18 years of age, the Study Allowance no longer forms part of the Growth Package payment. You can submit an application to the Flemish Government. The conditions are usually the same as for minor children. 

What’s the difference between the Study Allowance and the School Bonus? 

The School Bonus is a school premium (or education allowance) for all families with children and is automatically paid by KidsLife in August, together with your Child Benefit for the month of July. 

The Study Allowance is a supplementary amount for low-income families. KidsLife automatically pays this prior to the end of the year. 

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