Are you or do you become a self-employed mommy? Congratulations!

As a new mom, you have , like all other mothers, the right to receive your maternity fee, followed by the “Growth Package” (formerly known as child benefit). Even when your baby isn’t born yet, you can request your starting amount, also known as the maternity fee. Two months before the estimated date of birth you will receive this.

Growth Package

As self-employed mother, you can be at ease, because you have also the right to maternity leave. 12 weeks of well-deserved rest. Three of them, at least one, are to prepare for the arrival of your little miracle.  Nine weeks left to fully enjoy your child. As self-employed mother, you can take this maternity leave half-time. In that case you can continue to work half-time and the other half is for you to spend time with your miracle.

The first trimester after giving birth, you are exempt of social contributions. Despite this exemption, you will still retain your social rights. You therefore continue to be entitled to the Growth Package, statutory pension, health insurance, ...

When your baby is here, you can request the “Growth Package”. Each month you will receive a fixed amount supplemented with the school allowance, which varies depending on the age of your child.

Your social insurance fund makes sure you receive 105 free service tickets. These tickets can be used for help in the household; for instance, cleaning, shopping, help with transportations, … This way, you can spend more time with your baby.

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Parental leave

Dads and companions are not forgotten. If you work as employee, you receive 10 full or 20 half days of parental leave, also known as paternity leave. Self-employed? In that case it is a little different. You choose how you want to spread your parental leave. Up to four months after the birth of your child you can take this leave. Days that you do not work, you receive a payment of your social security fund. Do not forget to request this payment in time.

Life as a self-employed parent can be tough, so if you cannot leave your business for 10 days, do not worry! You still have the right to take 8 days off supplemented with fifteen free service tickets.

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