Adaptation of Child Benefit rules for Walloon families in the light of the coronavirus

The coronavirus is triggering profound lifestyle changes for all families. For Walloon families, measures have been taken to adapt the rules on Child Benefit to the current situation in the best possible way.
We are happy to list these measures for you:

Kinderbijslag in Wallonië

Child Benefit for all families

For families with underage children, the old rules continue to apply. However, do you want to change the account number to which we pay your Child Benefit? This is only possible if you added a copy or photo of your bank card.

KidsLife remains available to you as a Child Benefit Fund. Would you like to send us a document? In that case, it’s best to forward the document to us digitally by e-mail or via My KidsLife, so we’re sure we can help you quickly.

In addition to punctual and correct payment of Child Benefit, we would like to give you 7 budget-friendly tips to keep your children busy in these coronavirus times

Child Benefit for adult children

Studying and working

Under the current Child Benefit rules, a student may not work more than 240 hours a quarter to still be entitled to Child Benefit. An exception is the 3rd quarter (July-August-September). If the young person still goes to school after this summer holiday, he/she is allowed to work indefinitely.

Due to the fact that many young people take on student jobs, especially in the care sector or in order to be able to pay for their studies, a young person is allowed to work as a student without restriction until the end of 2020.

Important: this must involve employment as a working student.

Not sure if the employment falls under ‘working student’? In that case, please contact your employer, i.e. the person who declares the employment.

Want to check if you’re still entitled to Child Benefit?

Then please contact your KidsLife Adviser directly

Graduated or stopping studying?

If you plan to stop your studies during or after these coronavirus measures, you must register as a job-seeking school-leaver with Forem, Actiris or the VDAB.

As always, registration is done digitally or by telephone.
As the services currently do not offer personal consultations or have an open portal, you cannot register in person.

If you are unable to register digitally or by telephone, you can submit a sworn statement that registration as a job-seeking school-leaver will follow after the coronavirus measures.

Would you like to submit a statement? Then please contact your KidsLife adviser directly.

Contact your KidsLife adviser directly

Stopping your studies? Then please be sure to inform your KidsLife adviser. You can make this change yourself in the My KidsLife customer portal or contact them in your own way.

Voordelen van KidsLife

KidsLife as your Child Benefit Fund

KidsLife ensures that even in these difficult times, the correct and punctual payment of the Child Benefit and all allowances remains guaranteed.

We also remain available for all your questions! You don’t yet receive Child Benefit from KidsLife? Then quickly apply for your Child Benefit at KidsLife!

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