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7 budgetvriendelijke tips om je kinderen bezig te houden in coronatijden

7 budget-friendly tips to keep your children busy in these coronavirus times

Are you feverishly looking for fun and affordable ways to keep your children happy? Good news: you don’t have to look any further. Here are a few tips. Even better news: the most expensive tip costs only 1 cent.

Tip 1. Create a daily schedule. That’ll give both you and your child something to hold on to.

Try to stick as closely as possible to a school or nursery structure. For example, around 10 o’clock you can take a break with a piece of fruit. Here you will find useful tips on how to best fill in the day, and you can download structure cards. But don’t be too hard on yourself: you may feel some pressure from time to time.

Tip 2. Luckily there are a lot of films and series online that can really benefit your child.

VRT channel, for example, has added a lot of educational TV programmes to its site. Or organise a film afternoon with the youth films of J.E.F. But now you can also watch theatre in your living room. Art and culture houses have joined forces to keep young and old sweet for a while. You can always see what age the performance is suitable for.

Tip 3. Does your son or daughter know all the animals?

To find out, you don’t have to go to the zoo. The zoo will come to you. Go on a car safari with Beekse Bergen and name all the animals you meet together with your children.

Tip 4. Don’t forget to exercise!

Did you know you can have sport lessons at home? There’s plenty of choice! Thanks to Kinderen voor Kinderen, for example, you can follow dance lessons on YouTube. Or maybe Just Dance is more your child’s thing? Although the little ones might prefer to exercise along with Biba and Loeba or with Clown Casper.

Tip 5. Feel free to give them tasks.

If you are working from home, while taking care of the housekeeping and also having to keep the children busy, then you have your hands more than full. Don’t forget that kids like to lend a hand sometimes. So feel free to give them tasks. Maison Slash provides a nice overview of the different to-do’s that children can handle by age. 

Tip 6. Children love to listen to stories.

Are you tired of reading to your kids? Or is your stock of read-aloud books almost depleted? Don’t worry. There are plenty of online alternatives. Audiobooks, for example, can be found on bol.com in these coronavirus times for 1 cent per e-book. Do you know Fundels? At the moment you can download 15 books for free.

Tip 7. Singing songs makes you happy

Roar loudly with Kapitein Winokio, and you’ll understand at once. As long as the coronavirus keeps us at home, the app is free. You can also find nice sing-along songs on YouTube. Check out the profile of Oormajoor.

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