Supplementary Child Benefit

Your family may be entitled to supplementary child benefit in addition to the Growth Package amounts (to which every child is entitled). Toddlers in Flanders, for example, may be entitled to the Toddler Allowance, whilst low-income families may be entitled to a Social Allowance in Belgium. View all types of supplementary child benefit here.   

If you’re a KidsLife customer, we automatically ensure that you receive your correct entitlement. 

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Care Allowance (care premium)

Some families require additional support. Such as when their child is suffering from a long-term illness, for example. Or if their child requires extra assistance due to a mental or physical handicap. The care allowance is intended to lighten the financial burden in such circumstances. 

Am I entitled to the care allowance?

Participation allowance 

The participation allowances form part of the Growth Package. You’re only entitled to these amounts if you satisfy certain conditions. The participation allowances comprise the Childcare Allowance, Toddler Allowance and the School Allowance:

Childcare Allowance

Anyone using Dutch-language childcare in Flanders or Brussels is entitled to a childcare allowance of 3,43 euros per child, per day of childcare.

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Toddler Allowance

3-year-old children who are enrolled in Dutch-language education, and 4-year-old children who remain enrolled and attend school frequently enough, receive an additional 137,96 euros per year.

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School Allowance

This supplementary allowance provides support to low-income families with school-aged children in Dutch-language education. The School Allowance replaces the study allowance for children up to and including secondary education. 

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Don’t live in Flanders and your child is attending a Dutch-speaking pre-school or school in Belgium? Then request your Childcare, Toddler or School Allowance here.  

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Social Allowance 

The social allowance is intended to give low-income families a financial helping hand. The conditions for this social allowance depend on the region in which you live.  
In Flanders the social allowance forms part of the Growth Package and you don’t need to submit a request. KidsLife automatically checks whether you are entitled to this allowance. 

There’s no specific social allowance in Wallonia. We instead calculate your monthly child benefit based on your family income.  

Brussels applies an income-related supplement which is based on your family income, family circumstances and the age of your children. 

Social Allowance in Flanders

Social Allowance in Brussels

Social Allowance in Wallonia

Request supplementary child benefit 

In many cases you needn’t submit a request for supplementary child benefit and we automatically ensure that you receive the correct entitlement. However, you may have to submit a request to KidsLife in certain situations.  
Believe that you qualify for a supplement, but aren’t currently receiving it? Then please contact your KidsLife advisor, who will gladly assist.  

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