Supplementary Covid-19 allowance for low-income families in Brussels.

The Brussels government has elected to provide a supplementary allowance to families with children who are affected by the Corona crisis. It comprises a one-off Covid-19 allowance of 100 euros per child. View the conditions here.

Live in Flanders? Then you may be entitled to the Covid-19 allowance in Flanders.

Covid-19 allowance in Brussels: conditions

Live in Brussels and receiving your Child Benefit from KidsLife? Then you may be entitled to the Covid-19 allowance. However, you must satisfy the following conditions.

Your family income (earned by yourself and your partner or another individual with whom you form a bona fide family) must not exceed a certain threshold amount.

  1. Annual family income of less than €31,620.
  2. Annual family income of less than €45,900. This income threshold exclusively applies to families with at least 2 children who are entitled to Child Benefit.

In other words: you must be entitled to a Social Allowance on top of your Child Benefit, for entitlement to the supplementary Covid-19 allowance.

You'll receive this one-off allowance on 8 September, together with your Child Benefit payment. You'll receive a letter from us informing you of your entitlement to this allowance (and of course the payment).

You can also check the amounts via your My KidsLife online Child Benefit file.

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