KidsLife strives to be so much more than a Growth Package and School Bonus payment provider.

Schoolbonus en Schooltoeslag

The School Bonus is replacing the School Premium in Flanders. The name is quite confusing, because even children who don’t attend school receive this amount. It provides an additional boost for parents at the start of each school year. You receive the School Bonus from the birth of your child, right up until your Child Benefit stops, and it’s paid out automatically at the beginning of August. 

The amounts are listed below: 

0 - 4 years 20,40 euros / year
5 - 11 years 35,70 euros / year
12 - 17 years 51 euros / year
18 - 24 year 61,20 euros / year

Perhaps your child is also entitled to a Study Allowance? 

All children are entitled to the School Bonus. However, under certain circumstances, your child may also receive the Study Allowance. This is the new Education Allowance. KidsLife receives all the necessary data from the Flemish government, so you no longer need to submit an application. And, just like the School Bonus, the Study Allowance is automatically paid up to and including secondary education. 

When do you need to submit an application? 

  • Do you live in Brussels or Wallonia and does your child attend a recognised Flemish school? Then apply for your Study Allowance here and we’ll investigate your entitlement.

  • If you’re pursuing an HBO5 course and you’re older than 25, then you’re no longer entitled to Child Benefit, but may still be entitled to a Study Allowance. KidsLife will only investigate your entitlement if you submit an application. 

Switch to KidsLife quickly and easily, to ensure that your child doesn’t miss out on any benefits. Simply enter your details and we’ll do the rest. That way you can focus on what really matters: your child's happiness. 

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A brief summary of the benefits  

250,000 families have already chosen KidsLife: 

-KidsLife actively investigates which supplementary allowances your child is entitled to, in addition to the Growth Package

-KidsLife makes accurate payments on time, every time. 

- KidsLife is one of five authorised Child & Family Agency payment providers. 

- KidsLife is the most socially engaged child benefit fund. We advocate the rights of all children in Belgium. 

- The KidsLife child benefit fund is managed by three leading HR Service Groups that are active throughout Belgium: Group S, Liantis en EASYPAY GROUP