School Bonus or School Premium?

Those living in Flanders are entitled to what we refer to as the School Bonus. Those living in Brussels or Wallonia are entitled to the School Premium. 
The School Premium or School Bonus has been available for quite some time and provides families with an additional boost at the start of the school year. This annual premium is paid in August, together with your Child Benefit for the month of July. The amounts vary from EUR 20.40 to EUR 61.20

Annual age supplement

School Bonus and School Premium amounts 

The School Bonus/School Premium is an annual supplement to which every child is entitled. The term School Bonus is somewhat of a misnomer, because you are also entitled to it if your son or daughter doesn't attend school. KidsLife automatically pays this allowance at the beginning of August.

You will continue to receive an annual payment from the birth of your child, until the end of your child benefit entitlement. The amounts depend on your child’s age and not on their school performance. Below is an overview of the new School Bonus amounts.

Amounts in Flanders 



0 to 4 years   

20.40 Euros/year 

5 to 11 years   

35.70 Euros/year 

12 to 17 years   

51 Euros/year 

18 to 24 years   

61.20 Euros/year 

 What is the difference between the School Bonus and the School Premium for those living in Flanders? 

The School Bonus forms part of the Growth Package and applies to all children from 2019 onwards. The School Premium was paid up until August 2018. The Flemish government decided in many cases to reduce the amounts of these payments, replacing them with supplementary allowances such as the Toddler Allowance, Child Care Allowance and Study Allowance. Prior to 2019, the School Premium amount was also increased if your child had a disorder or your family was entitled to a social allowance. The Flemish Government decided to standardise these amounts for every child from 2019 onwards, and these benefits consequently no longer exist.

Amounts in Brussels 



0 to 5 years 

20 Euros 

6 to 11 years 

30 Euros 

12 to 25 years (child is not in higher education) 

50 Euros 

12 to 25 years (child is in higher education) 

80 Euros 

Amounts in Wallonia 



0 to 5 years 

20,40 Euros 

5 to 10 years 

30,60 Euros 

11 to 16 years 

51 Euros 

From 18 years and upwards 

81,60 Euros 

Wat zijn de voorwaarden van de Schooltoeslag?

What is the Study Allowance?

Unlike the School Bonus (to which every child is entitled), you are only entitled to the Study Allowance if your family and child satisfy certain criteria. The Study Allowance is the new education allowance for minors. Like the School Bonus, this Study Allowance is automatically paid if your family is entitled to it. 

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