Time credit in education? Here are the various options.

If you work in education, you give your best on a daily basis. But you also want the best for your child. Perhaps you’ve already considered taking time credit? For employees working in education, this is known as care credit or a career break. Then there’s also ‘absence for reduced performance.’ 


Choose the perfect work-life balance.

A regular day off does wonders. Imagine being able to treat your little one to a picnic on a sunny day or having the opportunity to better organise your family life? You likely wouldn’t say no! Perhaps you're considering time credit, or a ‘career break’ as it’s called in education? The various options include: care credit, parental leave and absence for reduced performance (AVP). The latter is another name for unpaid leave. This can be taken on a full-time or part-time basis for a period of up to 60 months, including after your child's 12th birthday. To benefit from this entitlement, you require the approval of the educational institution for which you work. Be sure to enquire about this benefit, because it’s a fantastic opportunity for improving your work-life balance.


Care credit: extra breathing space for busy parents.

Time. You sometimes get the feeling that there’s never enough of it. That’s why the Belgian government provides a special care credit for parents with young children or children who require additional support. This enables you to take a full-time or part-time career break for one of the following clear motives:

  • The care of a child up to and including 12 year
  • The pursuit of accredited training
  • The provision of care for a child with a handicap 
  • Medical support
  • Palliative care                              

All employees in education are entitled to this benefit. This includes permanent, temporary and contractual employees alike. Care credit can be taken on a full-time or half-time basis. You can also take care credit on a 1/5 basis, provided that you work full-time. You’ll receive a career-interruption benefit from the National Employment Office during the periods that you don’t work.

Ouderschapsverlof halve dagen werkgever

Parental leave is another option.

All parents are entitled to a full-time or part-time career break for parental leave. You must take this leave prior to your child's 12th birthday (or 21st birthday for children with a disability) at the latest.

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