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Co-ouderschap en Kinderbijslag

There’s a lot to consider when arranging a separation or divorce and co-parenting. As well as coming to terms with the emotional aspects, you also have to take care of the practicalities. You may have questions concerning the payment of your Child Benefit or Growth Package, for example. KidsLife is happy to assist. 

Will the amount that you receive change following a separation or divorce? 

If you decide to separate or divorce, this can have an impact on the Social Allowance that you receive. This depends on various factors. Unsure about your situation? Then please don’t hesitate to contact KidsLife for personalised advice. 

Switch to KidsLife quickly and easily, to ensure that your child doesn’t miss out on any benefits. Simply enter your details and we’ll do the rest. That way you can focus on what really matters: your child's happiness.  

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A brief summary of the benefits

250,000 families have already chosen KidsLife: 

-KidsLife actively investigates which supplementary allowances your child is entitled to, in addition to the Growth Package

-KidsLife makes accurate payments on time, every time. 

- KidsLife is one of five authorised Child & Family Agency payment providers. 

- KidsLife is the most socially engaged child benefit fund. We advocate the rights of all children in Belgium. 

- The KidsLife child benefit fund is managed by three leading HR Service Groups that are active throughout Belgium: Group S, Liantis en EASYPAY GROUP