Summer camp and family holiday benefits

Planning on taking a holiday with the kids, or does your annual leave planner at work not permit? Then you’ll quickly have to come up with an alternative plan. Whilst holiday camps are an ideal solution, they’re often extremely expensive. We’re happy to provide you with several holiday planning tips.  

Vakantiekampen en sportkampen

Plan your holiday as early as possible 

Parents typically enrol their children in summer camps that run throughout the summer holidays extremely early. Planning a summer holiday during the winter months is therefore not uncommon. Register with various summer camp organisers as soon as possible in order to stay informed. 

At Kazou, for example, you can create an account and add your child's hobbies and interests. You’ll then be notified when more information is made available about these specific camps.  

Many other youth movements, such as FOS Open Scouting, also run a camp during holiday periods. Enrolment is usually on the condition that you are a member of their association. In many cases, you can also do a test run to see if your son or daughter is ready for such an adventure.  

A variety of outdoor classes or playground activities are also available. Here too, it’s important to make an early reservation. 

Encourage your son or daughter to explore new challenges! But avoid choosing a camp merely as an alternative to day care. Sending your little one to pony camp if they have a fear of farm animals, for example, might not be a wise move.  

Which benefits and discounts apply to your holiday plans?  

The cost of a holiday can quickly add up!  

  • You’ll receive a reimbursement via your health insurance company such as CM if you participate in sports camps, open-air classes, summer camps and playgrounds. Check the conditions on the CM website.  

  • Keep an eye out for family discounts! Some organisations give an extra discount if several children from the same family attend a camp from the same organisation.  

  • Many summer camps will provide you with a tax certificate. Keep this certificate safe, so that you can readily process it in your tax return.  

  • Sodexo and Edenred also provide Sport and Culture vouchers. You can usually obtain these vouchers, which provide financial assistance with the payment of summer camps, via your employer. 

  • Be sure to check your municipality’s website! Some municipalities provide discount coupons for various camps, such as Youth AXI vouchers in Bruges and Talent Tickets in Mechelen.  

  • The UITPAS (savings card) can also provide a discount on the registration fee in certain regions.  

Op vakantie met de kinderen

Planning a family holiday with your children? 

A family holiday with the children is as much an experience as it is a challenge. The costs can quickly mount up. Determine your priorities and what you wish to accomplish with your family holiday: 

  • There’s no point planning an 8-hour plane trip if your dream holiday is playing party games around a camp fire.  

  • Perhaps you should consider swapping that boutique hotel with children’s paradise for a camp site?  

  • Airplane or car? Why not consider taking the train? The discounted train fares for children can make rail travel extremely cost effective! The train journey is an adventure in itself. 

  • And consider the age of your children! A city trip to New York will likely be more fun for you than your 3-year-old toddler. 

Keep your expectations low, and don't make your travel plans any more hectic than necessary. That way you’ll have time to truly relax and you’ll not be disappointed if your children turn your plans upside down.  

Staying at home is fun too 

17.5 million tourists flock to Belgium each year! You can join them simply by stepping outside your own front door!  There really is an incredible amount to do during the summer holidays, right on your doorstep. Be sure to check your municipality’s website or UIT in Vlaanderen (Culture & Leisure agenda for Flanders).  

Every child deserves happiness! KidsLife is also keen to ensure that you receive all the benefits to which you’re entitled! Not yet a KidsLife customer for your Child Benefit or Growth package payments?  

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