Hospitalisation insurance during pregnancy

Being pregnant and giving birth are not cheap. As well the expense of cute new baby clothes, a cot and mountains of nappies, you are also faced with all kinds of medical costs.
The majority of medical costs are reimbursed by your mandatory health insurance. But this does not cover everything. Hospitalisation insurance can help to cover any additional costs.
What is hospitalisation insurance?

What is hospitalisation insurance?

Hospitalisation insurance is an additional insurance policy on top of the health insurance required by law. It covers certain medical costs in the event of hospitalisation due to illness, accident or childbirth.

What costs does hospitalisation insurance cover?

Hospitalisation insurance covers medical costs in the event of hospitalisation due to illness, accident or childbirth. This concerns certain costs related to the admission itself and to prior care and follow-up treatment.

Not all hospitalisation insurance covers the same costs. Request the terms of your insurance policy from your health insurance fund or your employer. 

Example: Your hospitalisation insurance covers a stay in a two-person room in the event of being admitted to hospital. If you arrive at the hospital and you choose a single room, the supplements charged by the hospital for a single room will not be reimbursed by your hospitalisation insurance.

Please note: if you take out insurance during your pregnancy, there is a chance that not all costs associated with the birth will be covered. Be sure to ask!

How much does hospitalisation insurance cost?

Hospitalisation insurance can be tailored specially to your needs. You choose which costs you wish to have covered. Of course, you pay more for extra coverage. Most insurers offer a simulation tool on their website. This enables you to calculate the ideal formula for you. For example, take a look at the CM calculation tool!

Do I have to include my baby in my hospitalisation insurance after the birth?

After the birth, your newborn baby may automatically be covered under your hospitalisation insurance if you have been insured for a long enough time. Notify your health insurance company about the birth of your baby and request well in advance for your child to be included in your policy. 

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