Maternity fee: starting amount when your child is born

All children should get every chance in life from the day they are born. To support proud parents in this huge responsibility, every child born and residing in Belgium is entitled to a “welcome-to-the-world” gift in the form of a starting amount, also known as a maternity fee or birth allowance. 

Apply for maternity fee

Kraamgeld of Startbedrag aanvragen

Apply for maternity fee

You can apply for a Starting Amount or Maternity Fee as soon as you know you are pregnant. KidsLife makes this even easier with the online tool. Would you prefer to submit your request in writing? No problem!  

In order for you to receive the Maternity Fee and Starting Amount, we need a certificate from your doctor stating the expected due date. Even if you don't have a doctor's certificate yet, you can still apply. We'll send you a reminder when it's time to provide us with this certificate.  

Apply for maternity fee

Maternity Fee and Starting Amount in Euros 

How much Maternity Fee or Starting Amount you get depends on where you live. We've listed the amounts per region for you below. 

Do you live outside Belgium? Be sure to also apply for your Starting Amount or Maternity Fee; we will pay this amount after the birth of your child.  

  Flanders Brussels * Wallonia*
1st child € 1122 € 1122 ** € 1122
Next birth € 1122 € 510 ** € 1122

* If you want to apply for the Maternity Fee for a child born before 2020, other amounts apply. If your child was born before 2020 in Brussels or Wallonia, you are entitled to € 1297.92 for a first child and € 976.53 for each next-born child.

** Children born in Brussels from 01/01/2020 to 29/02/2020 receive 1100 euros for a first birth and 500 euros for a subsequent birth.

*** Children born in Wallonia from 01/01/2020 to 29/02/2020 receive 1100 euros.

Uitbetaling Kraamgeld en Startbedrag

Maternity Fee and Starting Amount payments 

KidsLife ensures the timely payment of your Starting Amount and Maternity Fee. Payments will commence two months before the expected date of birth, provided that we have received a doctor's certificate.  

Has your child already been born? Congratulations! After we receive your application at KidsLife, we will make sure you receive the Starting Amount or Maternity Fee as soon as possible. After all, every child deserves happiness from the very beginning. 

Adoption bonus when adopting a child 

There is no denying that the adoption procedure is complicated and time-consuming, but it is also a beautiful experience. Since happiness is at the core of every adoption, as an adoptive parent you are also entitled to the Starting Amount or Adoption Bonus. Using our handy online tool, you can complete your application in no time and we take care of the payment. This allows you to focus on what really matters, your child's happiness.

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