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Want to give happiness a helping hand? Our tips help you get the most out of life and provide a wealth of information on fun events, activities and benefits for you and your children. Enjoy! 

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Parental leave

Take parental leave or keep working full time?

Do you want to spend as much time with your little one as possible? Or is arranging childcare during the holidays simply impossible? Mothers and fathers in Belgium are entitled to ‘parental leave’.  

Parental leave

Tip: Maternity Care

Apply for Maternity Care

These days, mothers only stay in hospital for a maximum of three days after the birth of their baby. This doesn’t give you much time to get back on your feet. Fortunately, you can apply for Maternity Care. Did you know that you can also make use of Maternity Care during your pregnancy? 

Maternity Care

Save on childcare

Save on childcare

You know the day will come when you have to leave your son or daughter at a childcare facility for the first time. You can say your tearful goodbye, safe in the knowledge that they are in good hands. Childcare usually also comes with a hefty price tag. But did you know that you can claim back a portion of your registration fee? 

Save on childcare

Zelfstandig en zwanger

What are your advantages as self-employed moms and dads?

Self-employed and pregnant? Receive your maternity leave, an exemption of social contributions and service tickets. You also have the right to a maternity fee and the “Growth Package”.

Self-employed and pregnant

After graduation

I graduated/quit studying

Graduated, quit studying and what’s next? Register as job seeker at VDAB to get the right to an allowance. Join a health insurance funds and look out for a hospitalization insurance.

Graduated, what's next

Vaderschapsverlof voor zelfstandigen

Paternity leave for the self-employed

A baby on the way? You must be over the moon! You will likely want to spend as much time with your family as possible; to be there for your new child and enjoy those first precious moments to the full. Yet, you cannot simply abandon your business. Paternity leave for the self-employed provides additional flexibility in precisely these circumstances. It enables you to achieve the perfect balance.

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Hospitalisation insurance

Check your hospitalisation insurance well in advance

Being pregnant and giving birth doesn’t come cheap. As well the expense of cute new baby clothes, a cot and mountains of nappies, you are also faced with all kinds of medical costs. 

Hospitalisation insurance