Time credit is ideal for spending more time on caring for your child.

A little one at home changes life for you and your partner significantly. That's why time credit is so beneficial. It allows you to devote more time to caring for your child and enables you to catch your breath. Curious about the various options? Discover the benefits and start getting the most out of life.


Enjoy quality time with your children.

We're always in such a rush these days, and rarely get to spend as much time with our children as we’d like. No wonder so many parents apply for time credit. You might be happy with your crèche and childminding facilities, but nothing tops raising your child yourself. Time credit allows you to work a little less and organise your life a little better. A morning walk in the park to recharge your batteries, grocery shopping during 'quiet hours’, unwinding with a good book...

A little relaxation goes a long way towards improving your quality of life. And children deserve parents who can provide the necessary attention. First-time mum or dad? You’ll quickly realise just how precious time really is. And you definitely won’t want to miss your baby's first tentative steps or endearing words! Every additional day spent with your son or daughter is a blessing.


Time Credit: who is entitled to it?

Work for a company with more than 10 employees? Then you're in luck. In this case time credit is an absolute right and your employer cannot refuse it. Full-time or part-time; the choice is yours. The conditions that must be satisfied to qualify for time credit with motive are listed below. It can be awarded for a period of up to 51 months during which you receive a replacement income from the National Employment Office. If you work for a company with 10 employees or fewer, then you require your employer's approval. Time credit without motive or unpaid leave is another option.

Do you satisfy one of these conditions?

You are eligible to take time credit with motive if you:

  • Care for your own child(ren) who is (are) younger than 8 years
  • Are pursuing certified training
  • Provide care or support to a seriously ill minor of your own or to a seriously ill minor who is part of your family
  • Provide palliative care
  • Care for a seriously ill family member or relative
  • Care for a disabled child under the age of 21

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