Parental leave for those working in education. We explain the basics.

Work in education and keen to combine your career with your family life? It’s easier than you think. Indeed, you can now spread your parental leave over half-days and longer periods of time. This is an additional form of leave that allows parents to spend more time with their child. It should not be confused with maternity leave, paternity leave or time credit.


Voltijds en halftijds ouderschapsverlof

Full-time, part-time or smaller chunks? You remain in charge of your own situation.

Those who devote their working lives to children naturally wish to give their own child the attention that they deserve. No one knows better than yourself which periods your child needs you the most. That's why those working in education can largely choose when to take parental leave themselves. Full-time, half-time, part-time or 1/5 spread over several months or years? Providing you take your leave periods prior to your child turning 12 (or 21 in the event that they have a physical or mental disability), you choose. You can also combine multiple options.

Ouderschapsverlof onderwijs halftijds werken

Enjoy parental leave in education on a weekly basis, even if you only work part-time.

Those working in the private sector can only take 1/5 parental leave if they work full-time. If you work in education, then you and your child are more fortuitous. If approved, even those who are registered for half-time or part-time employment on a statutory or contract basis can take one day a week. Perfect for organising your family life and catching your breath.

Tip: coordinate your days off with your partner or the child's other parent in order to get the most out of this benefit.

How to apply for parental leave in education.

Full and part-time parental leave is an absolute right, providing you satisfy the conditions. A full-time career break even counts towards your length of service. You can apply for all forms of parental leave via your school board or centre administration.

You must satisfy the following conditions:

  • You are the biological mother or father of your child
  • You are the parent who has acknowledged the child
  • You are an adoptive parent

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