Wish to take your parental leave in half-days? No problem! But when exactly? All you need to know.

It’s only when you have a child, that you realise just how precious time really is. The government recognises this. That’s why it’s now possible to take your parental leave in half-days. This enables you to better organise your family life and devote more time to your child.

Ouderschapsverlof halve dagen werkgever

Discuss this with your employer.

In contrast to full-time, half-time and 1/5 parental leave, you’re not automatically entitled to half-day parental leave as an employee. You must first discuss this with your employer, who must then give their consent. You can submit your request in writing (via email or letter). Your employer must respond within one month. Once you’ve received consent, you can apply for 1/10 parental leave via the National Employment Office, and there’s nothing to prevent you from spending half a day per week at home with your child.

Full days, half-days or a combination of the two?

Every child deserves equal happiness. That’s why the government provides the option of tailoring your parental leave to your family life as much as possible. The various options are listed below. You can therefore readily combine half-days with other forms of parental leave. Important note: if you wish to split your parental leave into separate periods, then you must request this each time.

All forms of parental leave

Taken in full days  
During a period of 4 months - full career interruption Can be split into periods of 1, 2, 3 or 4 months
During a period of 20 months - 1/5 partial career interruption Can be split into periods of 5, 10, 15 or 20 months
Taken in half-days  
During a period of 40 months - 1/10 partial career interruption. Can be split into periods of 10 months or a multiple thereof

Uitkering ouderschapsverlof

Your benefit payment for half-day parental leave.

If you take half-day parental leave, then you receive a monthly benefit. These are defined in legislation and are the same for everyone. Below is an overview of all monthly amounts, according to your family circumstances:

Career-interruption benefits for 1/10 parental leave

Employee Monthly amount
Full-time employee < 50 years € 43,16
Full-time employee < 50 years and who lives with one or more dependent children € 58,04
Full-time employee of 50 years or older € 64,74
Increased benefit € 80,06


The Growth Package: tailored to your child’s needs.

alf-day parental leave allows you to spend more time with your child and enjoy a career-interruption benefit during those periods that you’re not working. Perhaps you’re already familiar with the Growth Package? This is the new name for the former child benefit, which includes the starting amount (maternity allowance), school bonus, monthly contribution and supplementary allowances. Providing you’re affiliated with a recognised Growth Package payer, you’ll automatically receive all of the benefits to which your child is entitled.

Read more about the Growth Package

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