Everything you need to know about parental leave

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your child grow up. So, don't forget to apply for parental leave. This is a dream opportunity to spend more time with your family. Full-time, part-time, 1/5 or a combination of the various options? The choice is yours. 

Applying for parental leave 

You need to apply for parental leave in writing through your employer. You’ll receive an allowance from the RVA (National Employment Office) during your parental leave. It’s best not to wait too long to start the application procedure if you wish to take this leave. 

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Parental leave in half-days? 

No problem! There are various forms of parental leave. Curious which option best suits your needs? 

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Parental leave for people working in education

Are you a teacher looking to combine your career with your family life? It’s easier than you think. 

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Parental leave not approved?  

Your employer can't refuse parental leave, providing of course that you satisfy all the conditions. We’ve listed these conditions for your convenience. 

Make sure you’re sufficiently informed

Paternity leave for the self-employed 

As a self-employed professional, you're entitled to 10 days of paternity or parental leave. This leave is flexible and can therefore be taken at a time of your choosing. 

Apply for paternity leave for the self-employed

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