Starting Amount and Maternity Allowance

All you need the know about Maternity Allowance and Starting Amount

Expectant mothers are entitled to the Maternity Allowance. What exactly is that? When does your entitlement to Maternity Allowance commence, and how exactly do you apply for it?

Applying for Maternity Allowance in Belgium

If you live in Flanders, you’ll receive the Growth Package. This comprises a monthly payment (the former Child Benefit) and a one-off amount that you receive upon the birth of your baby: the Starting Amount or Maternity Allowance. If you live in Brussels or Wallonia, you'll receive Child Benefit. You'll also receive Maternity Allowance upon the birth of your baby.

The Starting Amount provides a welcome financial boost that enables you to give your baby the best start in life.

Apply for your Maternity Allowance here

How much is the Maternity Allowance?


Starting Amount in Flanders

Maternity Allowance in Brussels

Maternity Allowance in Wallonia

1st birth

1122 euros

1122 euros

1122 euros

Subsequent birth

1122 euros

510 euros

1122 euros

When do you start receiving the Maternity Allowance, how much will you receive and how do you request it?

Hooray! There’s a baby on the way!

Step 1: Hooray! There’s a baby on the way!

You can apply for the Maternity Allowance as soon as you fall pregnant. You can do this quickly and easily online. The only thing that you require is your name, date of birth and national register number.

You’re 5 months pregnant

Step 2: You’re 5 months pregnant

The doctor will provide you with a certificate specifying your expected delivery date. You supply us with this certificate once you’re 5 months pregnant. Suffering from a touch of ‘baby brain’? No problem - we’ll send you an email reminding you to supply us with the certificate at the right moment in time.

You’re 7 months pregnant

Step 3: You’re 7 months pregnant

Good news! You don't need to do anything else. Providing you’ve submitted your application and doctor's certificate on time, you’ll automatically receive your Maternity Allowance around this time.

Your baby is born

Step 4: Your baby is born

Congratulations! You’re now automatically entitled to Child Benefit for your little one. From now on, you’ll receive a basic monthly amount, potentially supplemented with certain allowances. You can find more information about Child Benefit here.