All your documents and correspondence from KidsLife available in eBox.

From now on, you can choose to receive all your correspondence from the KidsLife Child Benefit Fund directly in your eBox. That way you have access to all your government documents, including those from KidsLife, in one central location. It’s a lot easier and better for the environment!
All you need to do is register once on eBox. From then on you'll receive everything electronically. Find out how you can register here.

What is eBox?

eBox is a digital mailbox that is used by many different government agencies. This online inbox replaces the paper documents that would otherwise be sent by post.

The secure eBox environment is available to every Belgian citizen upon registration. The documents that are available on eBox are secure and can only be accessed after identification.

KidsLife now offers all documents and correspondence on eBox. Provided, of course, that you are registered as a parent on eBox.


You have 24-hour access to all your documents, wherever you are: log in when and where you please.

Central location

No more wasting time looking through the paperwork; now you can view everything quickly and easily, in one central location.


The eBox platform is also extremely secure for complete peace of mind.


Registering is easy: simply log in using your eID or token, or via the user-friendly mobile app itsme®.


No paper also leaves a smaller ecological footprint. Check!

Want to receive all documents and correspondence from KidsLife in your eBox?
No problem! Register on eBox and start receiving all your documents and correspondence electronically via My KidsLife.

My KidsLife

One-time registration on eBox

How do I register for eBox?

The eBox platform is used by many different government services. Complete your one-time registration to automatically receive all documents from every affiliated company and organisation through eBox. 

I’ve already registered for eBox, but not for KidsLife.

You only need to register for eBox once. After that you’ll automatically receive all documents electronically from the affiliated government agencies. This also means that KidsLife will send all your documents to your eBox. You don't need to register again.

I’ve already registered for eBox

Good news! From now on, whenever we send you any documents it will automatically go to your eBox. Do you want to view your KidsLife documents? Then log in to My KidsLife: your online Child Benefit and Growth Package file.

I haven't registered with eBox yet

Are you not getting your documents from companies or government agencies in your eBox yet? You can register on eBox quickly and easily through My KidsLife.

Please note: Once you’ve registered for eBox, all documents from every affiliated company and government agency are sent electronically.

I don't have eBox. I use Doccle or another digital platform.

eBox is different from other digital platforms. Having an active account on Doccle doesn’t automatically give you access to eBox.

But it can be handy to add eBox to Doccle and other digital platforms. Find out how you can do this on the website of the digital platform you use.

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