Frequently Asked Questions

  • Child Benefits

    How can I change the bank account number to which my Child Benefit is paid?

    KidsLife customers can readily change the bank account number to which their Child Benefit and Growth Package are deposited on their myKidsLife online Child Benefit file.
    You can also submit your new bank account number in writing! The document for submitting a new bank account number in writing is available here
    Prefer to submit your bank account number in another way? Then please contact your KidsLife adviser directly.

  • Verhoogde Kinderbijslag

    I’m a divorced or single parent: am I entitled to a supplement?

    Being a single parent doesn’t automatically entitle you to a social allowance

    Your family income must not exceed a certain threshold to be eligible to receive this. The fact that you are a single or divorced parent likely has an influence on your family income. This may make you eligible. 

    The threshold amounts and the composition of this Social Allowance depend on where you and your children live: Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia

    KidsLife automatically pays your Social Allowance if you are entitled to it! We do this following receipt of your tax return. We always receive this 2 years after the income year. 

    We (re)evaluate your Social Allowance for 2019 in 2021. We receive confirmation of your 2019 income from the federal government in 2021.  

    Eligible for this allowance and prefer not to wait 2 years? Contact your KidsLife adviser to submit an application. 

    View all of the conditions pertaining to the Social Allowance here