Frequently Asked Questions

  • Child Benefits

    In which situations are grandparents entitled to Child Benefit?

    Grandparents can receive Child Benefit for their grandchildren if they are registered at their address. This is on the condition that the parents are not registered at this same address.

  • Child Benefits

    What is the maximum age for Child Benefit entitlement?

    The maximum Growth Package and Child Benefit entitlement is up to and including the month of your 25th birthday. The final payment will therefore take place at the beginning of the month following your 25th birthday. Please note that from the age of 18 upwards you must satisfy a number of criteria in order to retain your Child Benefit entitlement.

  • Child Benefits

    What arrangements must I make in terms of Child Benefit if I move house?

    Moving house is a major event. KidsLife makes things easy. Simply change your address via your municipality’s registration service and we'll take care of the rest.
    Moving abroad? Please let us know.

  • Child Benefits

    What happens to your Child Benefit if your child no longer lives at home?

    Once children marry, have children of their own, become emancipated or start living alone as a 16+ year old, they will receive their Child Benefit and Growth Package payments themselves. In the aforementioned circumstances, children can opt to have these payments made to someone else. Please contact your KidsLife advisor to discuss the various options.  

  • Child Benefits

    What are Participation Allowances?

    The Participation Allowances form part of the Growth Package, the new Child Benefit in Flanders. Your child may be entitled to these allowances if they satisfy certain criteria:

    Childcare Allowance: Those using Dutch-language childcare in Flanders or Brussels are entitled to a Childcare Allowance of 3.23 euros per child, per day of childcare.

    Toddler Allowance: 3-year-old children who are enrolled in Dutch-language education, and 4-year-old children who remain enrolled and attend school frequently enough, receive an additional 132.60 euros per year.

    Study Allowance: This supplementary allowance provides support to low-income families with school-aged children in Dutch-language education. The Study Allowance replaces the Education Allowance for children up to and including secondary education.

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  • Child Benefits

    What is a Growth Package/Child Benefit certificate?

    A Child Benefit certificate serves as proof that KidsLife pays Child Benefit for your child(ren). 
    Would you like to request or download such a certificate? You can obtain a certificate via your online Child Benefit file in 5 minutes.

  • Students

    How many credits do I require for Child Benefit?

    Students must be enrolled for at least 27 credits or 17 class hours for Child Benefit and Growth Package entitlement. This only applies to children aged 18 and over. Minor children are entitled to Child Benefit or the Growth Package regardless.

  • School Allowance

    When is the Study Allowance paid?

    KidsLife receives all the necessary information from the Flemish Government. We automatically pay the Study Allowance or Selective Participation Allowance (SEPAR) based on this information. The timing of your Study Allowance payment consequently depends on several factors. Study Allowance payment is typically made as follows:

    • Families with minor children only: from September/October.
    • Families with at least 1 adult child: from October to December.                               
    • Study Allowance payment depends on the completeness of the information that we receive from the Flemish Government

    Example: A person who doesn’t register at an accredited school until the month of October will not be entitled to payment in September. As soon as we have received the information, you will receive a weekly payment from KidsLife.

    Please note: No application is necessary! Already receive your Child Benefit or Growth Package from KidsLife? We ensure that every family that’s entitled to the Study Allowance receives this automatically. Handy, right? 

  • School Allowance

    Who is entitled to the Study Allowance?

    In de meeste gevallen betaalt KidsLife aan de ouder(s), begunstigden of bijslagtrekkende.
    Meerderjarige kinderen die secundair onderwijs volgen en gehuwd, zelfstandig of alleenstaand zijn, die ontvangen zelf de Schooltoeslag.

  • Maternity Allowance

    Are cross-border workers entitled to Maternity Allowance?

    The Maternity Allowance or Starting Amount are exportable within the EEA. In some cases, bilateral agreements with specific countries also apply. Such as is the case with France, Germany and Luxembourg, for example. Since different agreements apply to each country, we recommend contacting your KidsLife adviser for more information.

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