Frequently Asked Questions

  • Child Benefits

    Live in Belgium? Then changing jobs won’t affect your Child Benefit or Growth Package payments in any way. However, if your family income decreases as a result of changing jobs, then you may be entitled to a Social Allowance.

    Check the eligibility criteria for a Social Allowance here. 

    You or your children not living in Belgium? Then you’ll continue to receive your Child Benefit or Growth Package payments from KidsLife as usual. Is your new employer located in a different region (Flanders - Brussels - Wallonia) from your previous one? Then you’ll still receive Child Benefit, but based on the new region’s legislation. Each region has its own legislation.

    Read all about Child Benefit in Belgium and the regional differences here. 

    Going to work abroad? Then please contact your KidsLife adviser. This is a special situation. We’ll investigate your Child Benefit entitlement to ensure that you don’t miss out on any benefits (and to prevent you from having to refund any Child Benefit payments that you may have received in error).

    All situations for a foreign file 

  • Child Benefits

    A circular cheque is a written payment order that is valid for 3 months. You receive it by post and can then deposit it into your bank account.

    Prefer to have your Child Benefit paid directly into your bank account?

    You can arrange this via My KidsLife, your online Child Benefit file. You can also supply us with your bank account number in writing! The document for submitting a new bank account number in writing is available here

  • Child Benefits

    Do you live or work in Belgium? Then you may be entitled to Child Benefit. The KidsLife Child Benefit Fund examines your entitlement to Child Benefit and then ensures you receive it on time every month. Our KidsLife adviser, Pierre, explains in this video how you can obtain Child Benefit in Belgium.

  • Child Benefits

    You might still be entitled to Belgian Child Benefit, even if your family doesn’t live in Belgium. The KidsLife Child Benefit Fund will examine your entitlement following your application. Our KidsLife adviser, Pierre, is happy to explain how the rules for Belgian Child Benefit work in this video. Watch it here!

  • Child Benefits

    Have you received a letter from KidsLife requesting that you repay your Child Benefit or Growth Package payment(s)? You can pay back this unwelcome surprise in instalments. 

    Our ‘Repayments Department’ investigates every request for repayment in instalments or the withholding of your continued Child Benefit entitlement.
    Please get in touch via our contact form and your request will be reviewed by our dedicated repayment department.

  • Child Benefits

    Parents can choose their preferred Child Benefit Fund themselves. So, it is not dependent on the employer, your parents or health insurance fund. 

    If you are not yet receiving your Child Benefit or Growth Package, you can make this choice when submitting your application.
    Find out here why you should choose KidsLife for your Child Benefit Fund.

    Are you already receiving your Child Benefit or Growth Package? Then you already have a Child Benefit Fund or payment provider. Does this payment provider happen to be KidsLife? Then you’re good!
    If you are not receiving your monthly payments from KidsLife, you can ask to switch.
    Switching is quick and easy, with no interruption to your payments.

    Submit your application here

    Pregnant? Congratulations. If this is your first child, then now is the time to choose your Child Benefit Fund. KidsLife makes it easy for you! You can request your Birth Benefit and Growth Package from the onset of your pregnancy here

  • Child Benefits

    No, you do not need to notify us. We automatically receive all changes in your family situation via the national register, once the Ukrainian family has been registered as living at your address. 

    The Ukrainian family still has to apply in order to receive the Child Benefit or Growth Package.  

    See all conditions for entitlement to child benefit as Ukrainian family here

  • Child Benefits

    If the parents or guardians of the children are present in the Ukrainian family, they receive the Growth Package or Child Benefit for their children. 

    If you are taking care of a Ukrainian child, who has no parents or Ukrainian guardians, in your family, you may then apply for the child benefit for that child yourself. 

    Example: 15-year-old Andrej comes to live in your family on 8 March 2022. You must apply to KidsLife to be able to receive the child benefit for Andrej. 

    Check here all about Child benefit for Ukrainian families

  • Child Benefits

    Moving within Belgium? Then you need only register your change of address with the municipality in which you live. KidsLife will automatically receive notification of your move. This is because your Child Benefit file is linked to the Belgian National Register. So you needn’t inform us yourself.

    However, if you are planning a move abroad, then please inform us in plenty of time. That way we can make the necessary amendments to your file.

    If you are moving between the various Belgium regions (Brussels - Flanders - Wallonia), then your monthly payment amounts may change. Your KidsLife adviser will notify you of any changes.

    Calculate your payment amounts here

  • Child Benefits

    Pregnant? A baby on the way? 

    Congratulations! Don’t forget to request your Maternity Allowance or Starting Amount. You’ll automatically receive the Growth Package (if you live in Flanders) or Child Benefit (if you live in Brussels or Wallonia) following the birth of your baby.

    • You live in Flanders: you’re entitled to the Growth Package from the month of your baby’s birth. 

    Example: Georges was born on 13 March 2021. You’re therefore entitled to the Growth Package from March 2021 and the first payment will be made on 8 April 2021. 

    • You live in Brussels or Wallonia: you’re entitled to Child Benefit from the month following the birth.

    Example: Jules was born on 24 March 2021. You’re therefore entitled to Child Benefit from April 2021 and the first payment will be made on 8 May 2021. 

    Want to know how much you’ll receive each month from KidsLife? Calculate your payment amounts here

    New to Belgium and not yet receiving your Child Benefit or Growth Package?

    Your KidsLife adviser will set to work as soon as you submit your application. We’ll use the information in your application to investigate the maximum amount of Child Benefit or Growth Package to which you’re entitled (with retroactive effect where applicable).
    In order to conduct this investigation, we require a number of specific (and sometimes complex) documents and often have to contact foreign institutions. We do everything we can to ensure that your family doesn’t miss out on any benefits. This investigation can therefore take some time.

    Apply for your Growth Package or Child Benefit here*

    *already applied for the Starting Amount or Maternity Allowance? Then you needn’t submit a Growth Package or Child Benefit application. You’ll automatically receive this following the birth of your baby.