Frequently Asked Questions

  • Child Benefits

    In what circumstances will I receive a reduction to my Child Benefit or Growth Package entitlement?

    KidsLife will always notify you in the event that you’re going to receive a reduction in your Child Benefit entitlement. This can be for several reasons. Please contact your KidsLife customer adviser if you have any questions regarding the amount that you receive. You can alternatively view your online Growth Package or Child Benefit file via My KidsLife

  • Child Benefits

    What’s the difference between Child Benefit in Brussels prior to and after 2020: new legislation and photo amount.

    The Child Benefit scheme in Brussels was revised with effect from 01/01/2020. If you were receiving Child Benefit prior to 2020, then a transitional measure currently applies. This means that you’ll continue to receive the same amount as before, providing that the new amount is less than the old one. In other words, you’ll always receive the higher amount. We refer to that higher amount as the ‘photo amount’.

    We’ll continue to pay this photo amount until the amount calculated in the new scheme is the same or higher.

    When will this amount be re-evaluated?

    The photo amount is re-evaluated upon changes to your family circumstances: 

    • A child is born
    • A child leaves the family
    • A child is no longer entitled to Child Benefit
    • A child is suspended (for example: a student working more than 240 hours per quarter)
    • An entitlement to supplementary allowance applies

    These transitional measures apply for 5 years with effect from 1/1/2020.

    Want to know how much Child Benefit you’re entitled to? Then take a look at My KidsLife, your online Child Benefit file from KidsLife


  • Child Benefits

    My old bank account number has been closed. How will I receive future payments?

    If your bank account number has been closed, then please notify your KidsLife customer adviser immediately. We’ll ensure that no subsequent payments are made to this account. You can enter a new bank account number on your My KidsLife customer portal or on the 'Growth Package or Child Benefit bank account payment' form. If a payment has already been transferred to the closed bank account, then the amount will immediately be returned to the KidsLife bank account. We’ll subsequently delete your bank account number and repay the amount via a circular cheque that’s sent to your home address. 

  • Child Benefits

    Is it possible to receive retroactive Child Benefit payments?

    Yes! We can consider changes to your family circumstances or income from up to 5 years ago. A KidsLife adviser proactively investigates every application to determine your entitlement. That way, KidsLife ensures that you always receive the maximum amount of Child Benefit or Growth Package that you’re entitled to. 
    Request an investigation by KidsLife here

  • Child Benefits

    How can I get Child Benefit in Belgium?

    Do you live or work in Belgium? Then you may be entitled to Child Benefit. The KidsLife Child Benefit Fund examines your entitlement to Child Benefit and then ensures you receive it on time every month. Our KidsLife adviser, Pierre, explains in this video how you can obtain Child Benefit in Belgium.

  • Child Benefits

    Who can request a Growth Package/Child Benefit certificate?

    You can only apply for a certificate if you yourself are the Child Benefit or Growth Package beneficiary. Furthermore, you can only create a certificate if you are logged in to the my KidsLife customer portal.  

  • Child Benefits

    At what age does child benefit increase?

    This entirely depends on the children’s place of residence:

    The children live in Flanders

    Children born prior to 01/01/2019 are entitled to an age supplement that increases at the ages of 6, 12 and 18 years. You can view how much their Child Benefit increases one month following their birthday here

    Children born after 01/01/2019 no longer receive an age supplement and instead receive a monthly fixed amount of 169,79 euros. 

    The children live in Brussels

    Brussels children whose families have an annual income of more than 34.603,94 euros gross per year, receive the same amount at every age. This is 154,58 euros per month for Brussels children born prior to 2020, and 165,62 euros per month for Brussels children born after 2020.

    If your family has a gross annual income of less than 34.603,94 euros per year, then you will receive increased Child Benefit at the ages of 12 and 18. Calculate the exact amounts for your personal situation here

    The children live in Wallonia

    Children born prior to 01/01/2020 are entitled to an age supplement that increases at the ages of 6, 12 and 18 years. You can view how much their Child Benefit increases one month following their birthday here

    Children born after 01/01/2020 are not entitled to an age supplement. You will instead receive 171,14 euros per month from birth until the age of 18. Once Walloon children become adults it becomes 182,18 euros per month. 

    Would you like to view your Child Benefit or Growth Package composition? Then take a look at My KidsLife, your online Child Benefit file at KidsLife 

  • Child Benefits

    I'm moving home. How can I supply my new address?

    Moving within Belgium? Then you need only register your change of address with the municipality in which you live. KidsLife will automatically receive notification of your move. This is because your Child Benefit file is linked to the Belgian National Register. So you needn’t inform us yourself.

    However, if you are planning a move abroad, then please inform us in plenty of time. That way we can make the necessary amendments to your file.

    If you are moving between the various Belgium regions (Brussels - Flanders - Wallonia), then your monthly payment amounts may change. Your KidsLife adviser will notify you of any changes.

    Calculate your payment amounts here

  • Kinderopvangtoeslag

    What is the Childcare Allowance?

    The Childcare Allowance forms part of the Growth Package, the new Child Benefit in Flanders. Children who attend Dutch-speaking childcare in Flanders or Brussels may be entitled to this supplement of 3.23 euros per day. Only those childcare facilities that exempt you from payment based on your income are eligible for this. Read everything you need to know about the Childcare Allowance eligibility criteria here

  • Kleutertoeslag

    What is the Toddler Allowance?

    The Toddler Allowance forms part of the Growth Package, the new Child Benefit in Flanders. All 3- or 4-year-old children who attend a Dutch-speaking school in Belgium (frequently enough) are entitled to this one-off premium.

    If you live in Flanders, you will automatically receive this premium if you’re entitled to it.

    If you don’t live in Flanders, then you must submit an application to KidsLife. 

    Toddler Allowance payment is made following the child’s 3rd or 4th birthday.