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  • Child Benefits

    In which situations are grandparents entitled to Child Benefit?

    Grandparents can receive Child Benefit for their grandchildren if they are registered at their address. This is on the condition that the parents are not registered at this same address.

  • Child Benefits

    What are Participation Allowances?

    The Participation Allowances form part of the Growth Package, the new Child Benefit in Flanders. Your child may be entitled to these allowances if they satisfy certain criteria:

    Childcare Allowance: Those using Dutch-language childcare in Flanders or Brussels are entitled to a Childcare Allowance of 3,36 euros per child, per day of childcare.

    Toddler Allowance: 3-year-old children who are enrolled in Dutch-language education, and 4-year-old children who remain enrolled and attend school frequently enough, receive an additional 137,96​​​​​​​ euros per year.

    Study Allowance: This supplementary allowance provides support to low-income families with school-aged children in Dutch-language education. The Study Allowance replaces the Education Allowance for children up to and including secondary education.

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  • Child Benefits

    How can I change the bank account number to which my Child Benefit is paid?

    KidsLife customers can readily change the bank account number to which their Child Benefit and Growth Package are deposited on their myKidsLife online Child Benefit file.
    You can also submit your new bank account number in writing! The document for submitting a new bank account number in writing is available here
    Prefer to submit your bank account number in another way? Then please contact your KidsLife adviser directly.

  • Child Benefits

    What happens to your Child Benefit if your child no longer lives at home?

    Once children marry, have children of their own, become emancipated or start living alone as a 16+ year old, they will receive their Child Benefit and Growth Package payments themselves. In the aforementioned circumstances, children can opt to have these payments made to someone else. Please contact your KidsLife advisor to discuss the various options.  

  • Child Benefits

    What can I apply for a child benefit certificate?

    Live in Flanders?

    You can create a proof of payment for:
    - Reduction on your public transport subscription
    - Rent guarantee or reduction of the tenant’s property tax.
    It will also shortly be possible to create certificates specifying the actual amounts. If you require such a certificate now, then please contact our KidsLife advisers.

    Live in Brussels or Wallonia?

    You can create a proof of payment for:
    - Reduction on your public transport subscription
    - Rent guarantee or reduction of the tenant’s property tax.
    - Your lawyer.
    - An application for a renovation premium.
    - The Public Centre for Social Welfare.
    - A claim for maintenance payments.

  • Child Benefits

    What arrangements must I make in terms of Child Benefit if I move house?

    Moving house is a major event. KidsLife makes things easy. Simply change your address via your municipality’s registration service and we'll take care of the rest.
    Moving abroad? Please let us know.

  • Child Benefits

    What happens to my Child Benefit or Growth Package payments if I change jobs?

    Live in Belgium? Then changing jobs won’t affect your Child Benefit or Growth Package payments in any way. However, if your family income decreases as a result of changing jobs, then you may be entitled to a Social Allowance.

    Check the eligibility criteria for a Social Allowance here. 

    You or your children not living in Belgium? Then you’ll continue to receive your Child Benefit or Growth Package payments from KidsLife as usual. Is your new employer located in a different region (Flanders - Brussels - Wallonia) from your previous one? Then you’ll still receive Child Benefit, but based on the new region’s legislation. Each region has its own legislation.

    Read all about Child Benefit in Belgium and the regional differences here. 

    Going to work abroad? Then please contact your KidsLife adviser. This is a special situation. We’ll investigate your Child Benefit entitlement to ensure that you don’t miss out on any benefits (and to prevent you from having to refund any Child Benefit payments that you may have received in error).

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  • Child Benefits

    Why should I choose a Child Benefit Fund?

    Parents can choose their preferred Child Benefit Fund themselves. So, it is not dependent on the employer, your parents or health insurance fund. 

    If you are not yet receiving your Child Benefit or Growth Package, you can make this choice when submitting your application.
    Find out here why you should choose KidsLife for your Child Benefit Fund.

    Are you already receiving your Child Benefit or Growth Package? Then you already have a Child Benefit Fund or payment provider. Does this payment provider happen to be KidsLife? Then you’re good!
    If you are not receiving your monthly payments from KidsLife, you can ask to switch.
    Switching is quick and easy, with no interruption to your payments.

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    Pregnant? Congratulations. If this is your first child, then now is the time to choose your Child Benefit Fund. KidsLife makes it easy for you! You can request your Birth Benefit and Growth Package from the onset of your pregnancy here

  • Child Benefits

    I have to repay Child Benefit. Can I repay this in instalments?

    Have you received a letter from KidsLife requesting that you repay your Child Benefit or Growth Package payment(s)? You can pay back this unwelcome surprise in instalments. 

    Our ‘Repayments Department’ investigates every request for repayment in instalments or the withholding of your continued Child Benefit entitlement.
    Please get in touch via our contact form and your request will be reviewed by our dedicated repayment department.

  • Child Benefits

    What is a Growth Package/Child Benefit certificate?

    A Child Benefit certificate serves as proof that KidsLife pays Child Benefit for your child(ren). 
    Would you like to request or download such a certificate? You can obtain a certificate via your online Child Benefit file in 5 minutes.