Changing Child Benefit Fund and joining KidsLife in Wallonia

Changing Child Benefit Fund and joining KidsLife in Wallonia

Already receiving Child Benefit from another provider? Good news - you now get to choose which provider pays your Child Benefit yourself! Join KidsLife and never miss out on any benefits again! Discover why KidsLife is the ideal Child Benefit Fund for every Walloon family here.

KidsLife - for all your Child Benefit and supplementary allowances!

KidsLife is a Walloon Government-approved Child Benefit Fund. In addition to paying your Maternity Allowance and Child Benefit, we also ensure that you receive everything to which you’re entitled.
Such as supplementary Child Benefit in the form of Social Allowances or Care Allowances for those families who need it. As a KidsLife customer, you can monitor each and every payment via your my KidsLife online Child Benefit file.

Discover the KidsLife Child Benefit Fund

Why choose KidsLife Wallonia for your Child Benefit payments?

In addition to the punctual payment of the Child Benefit and supplementary allowances to which your family is entitled, KidsLife actively ensures that you never miss out on any other benefits again.

How do we go about that? We get to know your family inside out, thus enabling us to proactively go in search of additional benefits. You can therefore consider us your family partner from a financial perspective too.

Not yet convinced? Contact a KidsLife adviser or read 6 reasons for switching to KidsLife here.

Joining KidsLife: how do you go about it?

Choosing KidsLife is easy.

Submitting our online application is quick and convenient. Simply enter your personal details and confirm that you’d like to switch to KidsLife, and we'll take care of the rest!

Prefer to submit your application in writing? No problem! Download the document for switching to KidsLife here.

Prefer to receive the document at your home address? Then please contact your KidsLife adviser, who will gladly assist.

Apply for Child Benefits from KidsLife now

What happens after submitting the application?

We make all of the necessary arrangements for transferring your file from your previous Child Benefit Fund. You needn’t do anything else - we take care of everything for you!

You'll start receiving your KidsLife payments in early 2021, which is the statutory date set by the Walloon Government. You'll receive a message from us confirming that we have commenced making payments. We also ensure that you never experience any interruption to your Child Benefit payments.

And that's all there is to it! You can now enjoy complete peace of mind and need no longer worry about your Child Benefit. KidsLife will continue to ensure that you never miss out on any benefits!