Old Child Benefit in Brussels

Child Benefit in Brussels has undergone a major change since 01/01/2020. Most families in Brussels who already received Child Benefit in 2019 will fall under the new legislation. But what if you are in a situation where the Child Benefit you receive on 31/12/2019 is higher than what you are entitled to in 2020? Then you will continue to receive the same amount!  

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Basic Child Benefit amount before 2020

The basic Child Benefit amount is the monthly payment that you receive around the 8th of each month. Orphans with one or both parents deceased also receive the monthly orphan’s allowance.  

The basic amount depends on the child’s birth rank. The amount increases incrementally from the first to the third child. The same amount is paid for every subsequent child following the third.  

In addition to the basic amount, you also receive a monthly age supplement. As the name suggests, this supplement depends on the age of your children.  

Basic amount  

Per month 

1st child  

105,78  euros 

2nd child  

195,72  euros 

3rd child  

292,22 euros 

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Sociale Toeslag in Brussel voor 2020

Social Allowance in Brussels before 2020

The Social Allowance is a supplementary allowance for low-income families that find themselves in a specific situation. 

Until 31/12/2019 you were entitled to this social allowance if your yearly income was less than 34.603,94 

The second condition to qualify for this allowance was that you needed to be in one of the following situations: 

  • You are a single parent with children. 

  • You or your partner are long-term unemployed or retired 

  • You or your partner are long-term sick or disabled.  

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Other supplementary Child Benefit allowances 

In Brussels, orphans or children with a disability may be entitled to supplementary Child Benefit. The new Child Benefit scheme from 2020 has broadly incorporated these allowances with a number of minor amendments.  

Orphan’s allowance: Children with at least one deceased parent are entitled to a fixed orphan’s allowance of 406,35 euros 

Allowance for children with a disability: This is a monthly supplementary allowance in addition to the basic amount for children with a specific disability or illness. This monthly allowance can be awarded up until the age of 21. The allowance amount varies according to the number of points the child scores on the medical-social scale. It is intended to help parents cope with the financial consequences of their child’s support needs. 

New Child Benefit legislation in Brussels 

In Brussels, Child Benefit has undergone a major reform since 01/01/2020. In Brussels, too, KidsLife remains the Child Benefit fund that ensures correct and punctual payment! Curious to know what has changed to your Child Benefit?  

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