The basic amount: monthly Child Benefit amounts per child

Children who are entitled to the Child Benefit receive a basic monthly amount. This basic amount can be topped up with supplementary allowances or premiums. Your basic amount is based on a number of conditions and may vary per child.
What is the basic amount?

What is the basic amount?

The Basic Amount is the standard monthly payment that you receive for your children. The amount can vary per child. You may also receive supplementary allowances on top of your Basic Amount.

KidsLife automatically pays the highest basic amount applicable per child in Belgium.

The Basic Amount at a glance:

  • The Basic Amount is calculated according to the age of your child.
  • The amounts vary depending on the region in which you live or work.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you may also receive an age allowance or other supplementary allowances on top of the basic amount. 
  • You receive the Basic Amount from KidsLife automatically.

How much is the basic amount?

Your Child Benefit calculation is based on your child’s date of birth and the regional system under which your child falls (based on your child’s place of residence). So you don’t receive the same amount of Child Benefit everywhere in Belgium.

Does your child live abroad? In this case your employer’s location determines which region is responsible for your Child Benefit payments. If your children live in different regions, then you’ll also receive the Child Benefit that applies in those different regions.

Basic Amount in Brussels

The basic amount in Brussels is based on your child’s date of birth.

Brussels Child Benefit up to and including 2019  

The former Child Benefit system applied in Brussels up until 31/12/2019.

Brussels Child Benefit from 2020 onwards  

The new Brussels model commenced in 2020 and applies to all Brussels children, including those born prior to 1 January 2020. All children living in Brussels consequently receive the new Brussels system amounts as of 1 January 2020.

If the new model amounts are lower than the amounts you received via the former Brussels system, then you’ll retain the former system amounts for children born prior to 1 January 2020. As a consequence, you’ll never receive less Child Benefit in Brussels than you were entitled to at the end of 2019.

KidsLife compares the amounts of both systems on a monthly basis, and automatically applies the new system if this is more advantageous for your family.

Want to learn more about this photo amount? Our case studies make things a lot clearer

1st Child

116,79 Euro

2nd Child

216,09 Euro

3rd child

322,64 Euro 
Age Born after 2020 Born prior to 2020

0 to 11 years

182,85 euros per month 170,66 euros per month

12 to 17 years

195,04 euro per month 182,85 euro per month
18 to 24 years (no higher eduction) 195,04 euros per month 182,85 euros per month
18 tot 24 jaar (higher education) 207,23 euros per month 195,04 euros per month
Exception: Families with 1 child and an income of more than 38.625,31 euros gross per year (regardless of age) 182,85 euros per month 170,66 euros per month

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When will you receive your basic amount?

KidsLife ensures the accurate and punctual payment of your basic amount! We always pay at the start of the following month. What happens if our payment date falls on a weekend or public holiday? Then we pay on the previous working day.

If you’re entitled to backdated Child Benefit payments, then we’ll also pay these as quickly as possible. In addition to our regular monthly payments, we can also make additional deposits on a number of interim monthly payment dates.

Frequently asked questions

Child Benefit is always paid on the 8th of each month. If the 8th falls on a weekend, then we will pay it on the last working day prior to that weekend. Please check our payment calendar for the various payment dates. 

The maximum age for Child Benefit and Growth Package entitlement is 25 years. From the age of 18 upwards, you must satisfy certain criteria in order to retain your Child Benefit and Growth Package entitlement. No regular or automatic substitute applies once your entitlement to Child Benefit has ceased. If your child was entitled to a Care Allowance due to a specific support requirement, then they may be entitled to a Disability Allowance once their Child Benefit entitlement has ceased.  Please note that this is not an automatic entitlement. It must be requested and the application subsequently investigated.

Grandparents can receive Child Benefit for their grandchildren if they are registered at their address. This is on the condition that the parents are not registered at this same address.

The maximum Growth Package and Child Benefit entitlement is up to and including the month of your 25th birthday. The final payment will therefore take place at the beginning of the month following your 25th birthday. Please note that from the age of 18 upwards you must satisfy a number of criteria in order to retain your Child Benefit entitlement.

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