How to join a child benefit fund.

Are you pregnant with your first child and want to request a starting amount? Congratulations! Have you come from abroad, or are you moving to another region within Belgium and are you applying for child benefit for the first time? Congratulations to you too! Below you can read how to go about making an application and joining a child benefit fund. 

Hoe kiezen voor je Kinderbijslag?

How to choose your Child Benefit or Growth Package  

In the same way that we have to choose our energy supplier, health insurance company or telephone provider, as of 1 January 2019 we likewise need to choose which child benefit fund we wish to pay out our Child Benefit or Growth Package. The days of automatically joining the same child benefit fund that your employer (or, for the self-employed, your social insurance fund) works with, are thus well and truly over. How exactly does joining a child benefit fund work? The KidsLife child benefit fund explains all you need to know! 

You’re pregnant with your first child 

Congratulations! To receive your Starting Amount or Maternity Allowance you must first supply us with a medical certificate from your doctor or midwife specifying the expected delivery date. If your little one has already been born, then you can send us a copy of the birth certificate. 

You can submit the certificate online, together with your contact details, here

You can alternatively download an application form and submit it together with the medical certificate by post or email. 

Apply for your Maternity Allowance

If you have applied for the Starting amount, then you needn’t submit a new application to request your Child Benefit or Growth Package. KidsLife automatically begins paying your monthly child benefit as soon your municipality notifies us of the birth of your child. This happens automatically upon registering your child at your address. Alternatively, you can send us a copy of the birth certificate.

Kinderbijslag aanvragen vanuit buitenland

You have come from abroad 

You can apply here for child benefit upon your arrival in Belgium. To open a new file on your behalf, we require the parents’ and child(ren)’s personal details. You can supply this information immediately whilst completing your online application. Do you have a certificate from your previous child benefit fund abroad that demonstrates that you no longer receive anything? Do you have a copy of your child(ren)’s birth certificate(s)? Be sure to add them to your application.  

You can alternatively download an application form and send it by post or email. Click here for the contact details of your nearest KidsLife office!

You’re moving to another region within Belgium (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels) 

If your child benefit is being paid by KidsLife and you move to another region within Belgium, then your file will automatically remain under our care. You therefore remain a Kidslife customer in your new region and need take no further action. 

Was your child benefit previously paid by a different payment provider and you want KidsLife to handle your file in future? You're more than welcome to join us! Click here to become a KidsLife customer, or download your request form and send by post or email. You can find the contact details of your nearest KidsLife office here! 

Would you like KidsLife to be your Child Benefit Fund? That's a hit! We would also like to pay out your Growth Package and Child Benefit!

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