Waarom naar school gaan kinderen gelukkig maakt

Why children are happier in school

Children are returning to school, and that’s a good thing. Not every child is equally suited to home learning. Children long to see their classroom friends and peers. The structure that school provides is also extremely beneficial. And they can subsequently blow off steam during the holidays.  

Physical lessons are preferential 

The schools closed in March. Teachers suddenly found themselves teaching online as a consequence. Children were learning arithmetic via a screen. And all the while, you were working from home, uncertain about whether your job would survive the lockdown. Not surprisingly, things didn’t always go smoothly. Children also much prefer to see their teachers in person, rather than via a screen.  

Clear daily routine 

This period wasn’t only challenging for you as a parent, it was also difficult for your children. Like us, they often felt scared and anxious. They not only lacked a clear daily routine and timetable for months on end, but also a listening ear. Those aspects are arguably more important for children than the schooling itself.  

Are you entitled to a Study Allowance?  

Low-income families may be entitled to a Study Allowance. If your child is under 18, you needn’t actively apply for this. You’ll automatically receive the allowance at the end of every calendar year. 

Is your child over 18? Then you’ll no longer receive the Study Allowance automatically. In this case, you can apply for the Study Allowance via the Flemish Government.

Everything about the School Allowance

More attention to well-being 

Many schools are now more committed than ever to the well-being of their children, precisely because the children have gone through such a challenging period. Although there’s still room for improvement, says parenting expert Steven Gielis. Steven is a lecturer in remedial education at Antwerp University College. He set up zitdazo, a platform that provides parenting information for parents and care providers. (www.zitdazo.be) His book Ik ben goud waard (I’m worth my weight in gold) is shortly due to be published. In it he writes about the importance of a positive mindset in children. “Children obviously attend school in order to learn,” says Steven. “But going to school is particularly important for their well-being. Schools should therefore place greater emphasis on this. Because children who feel comfortable in their own skin are better able to learn. They have more self-confidence, dare to take on more challenges and are more resilient.”  

Social life 

School additionally provides a rich social life for many children. Preschoolers, primary school children and adolescents all predominantly socialise within the school walls. It’s where they make friends, which is crucial for their social-emotional development. Contact with other children stimulates their creativity.  

Toddler allowance? 

Is your toddler due to start preschool? Then you’re entitled to a Toddler Allowance. View the conditions here

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