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Perinatal physiotherapy: who is it for and what does it cost?

Your body changes every day during your pregnancy. This can be accompanied by ailments and discomforts. Perinatal physiotherapy can help tremendously in such cases. Did you know you’re entitled to a refund for nine perinatal physiotherapy sessions? And that you can use them both before and after delivery? This means you get extra help before and after the birth of your child without all the extra costs.

What is perinatal physiotherapy and why is it important?

Perinatal physiotherapy incorporates pre- and postnatal physiotherapy. This additional care benefits your body both prior to and following the birth.

  • Prenatal physiotherapy focuses on preparing you for childbirth. It incorporates breathing techniques and muscle relaxation and contraction exercises. Receiving prior guidance can be reassuring, particularly when pregnant with your first child.
    And should you experience physical discomfort during pregnancy, your physiotherapist can help you tackle this as well. Many women suffer from weakened pelvic floor muscles both during and after pregnancy. This can lead to minor ailments, such as urine leakage and pain during intercourse. The right exercises can help prevent this. You can also work on strengthening other muscles that come under significant pressure during pregnancy.

  • Postnatal physiotherapy focuses on your recovery. You should never underestimate the changes that your body has undergone. Pregnancy influences your posture, balance, mobility, muscle strength and breathing. Your physiotherapist will help you strengthen your weakened pelvic, abdominal and back muscles. In principle, this can commence six weeks after giving birth.

Where can I go for perinatal physiotherapy?

Perinatal physiotherapy is performed by physiotherapists who specialise in this field. You can find a physiotherapist quite easy online, or you can ask for a referral from your doctor or gynaecologist.

What does it cost?

Most health insurance funds, such as CM,  provide a refund for postnatal physiotherapy. You are entitled to nine refunded sessions per pregnancy, which you can take before and after the birth. How to allocate the sessions is entirely up to you.

Conventional physiotherapists charge25 euros per treatment. If you are entitled to a standard allowance, you will receive up to 18,75 euros back.
Non-conventional physiotherapists charge their own rates. The refund amounts, however, remain the same. Since 1 January 2019, physiotherapists are permitted to charge a supplement for certain services. Your health insurance fund will also refund such supplements. You will, however, need a prescription from your doctor or gynaecologist.

Pregnant? Then you’re entitled to a financial helping hand in the form of the Maternity Allowance or Starting Amount!

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