Tips om te besparen op babyspullen

Cheap, second-hand baby items

How long is your wish list of baby essentials? Already breaking into a sweat at the mere thought of how much it will cost? Don’t panic! Request your Starting Amount or Maternity Allowance on time, and get started with our great savings tips.

Goedkope babyspullen

Make a list, plan and budget

Do your hormones run wild whenever you see cute baby clothes? And do you have trouble ignoring your nesting instincts with all that beautiful, yet exorbitant nursery furniture? That’s perfectly normal. But try to resist the urge to immediately buy something new. First make a list of all the things you need. Then run through that list with other parents and put a tick next to the items that you really need. Finally, compare prices and try to estimate how much you want to spend on each item.

Go for second-hand

Baby’s groeien als kool. Dat betekent dat ze, voor je het weet, te groot zijn voor die mooie kleertjes of dat ze veel te snel niet meer geïnteresseerd zijn in die mobiel. Dat betekent ook dat die spullen geen tijd hebben om te verslijten. Klop met je lijstje aan bij familie en vrienden. Misschien hebben zij spullen die je kan lenen?

  • Or visit the second-hand fairs organised by the Gezinsbond. There’s bound to be one in your region. And pop into your local charity shop. You'll often be able to find a wide range of baby and children's clothes and other items that are still in great nick. There are also lots of second-hand goods available online. Check out websites like or various Facebook and Instagram groups.
  • You can also borrow items from the Babytheek, a library specialising in baby goods.
  • There’s even a library you can go to for children's bicycles, which are generally as good as new. 
  • And did you know you can also create a birth list with trendy second-hand children’s goods? You can do this at Mic Mac Minuscule, for example.

Ellen Boone

Ellen Boone has been a lifelong fan of second-hand clothing. She used to spend hours in the attics of her grandmother and aunts rummaging for treasures.  Now she’s pregnant with her third child and sniffs out bargains in second-hand stores. Ellen: “Baby clothes often come with a hefty price tag. But most second-hand items are in perfect condition. I love searching for hidden gems at flea markets or the online Vinted app. It’s cheaper, eco-friendly and unique.”

DIY: make your own!

Are you handy with needle and thread? Then you're in luck and get straight to work on creating your own baby outfits. Making your own will save you a small fortune. And you get to choose from an endless array of beautiful patterns and fabrics. Take a look at the fabrics on offer at De Stoffenkamer. You can always pimp up boring fabrics with an iron-on patch, like this one from Petit Pourri or from Eva Mouton. Not very good with your hands? Then now’s the time to learn new skills. De Naaitafel for example, offers free online sewing lessons. And Fibre Mood runs fun, fortnightly group sewing sessions online.

As well as making your own clothes, you can also roll up your sleeves and decorate your nursery. It isn't as hard as it sounds. There are great hacks to transform furniture and accessories from Ikea into beautiful and original centrepieces. How do you go about it? Take a look!


Top quality children's stuff can also be cheap. With the Maternity Fee you can start your collection of children's stuff.

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