5 tips voor een betaalbare babyborrel

Five tips for an affordable sip & see

The sip & see is a trend that has been growing in popularity for several years. It’s a convenient way to invite all your family, friends and acquaintances at once to celebrate the birth of your baby. But these celebrations don’t come cheap. Discover our top tips for an affordable sip & see.

Booking a venue, arranging the catering, sending out invitations… it can feel like you’re organising a wedding. But just like a wedding, a sip & see doesn't have to cost a fortune. There are great ways to get more for less. Such as the baby aan boord-box (baby on board box) from Colruyt. This box can be requested free of charge and is crammed with lovely samples and discount vouchers. You’ll also receive a voucher worth 40 euros to put towards your sip & see.

Tip 1. Invitations 

Send your invitations together with the birth announcement cards. You're sending them out anyway, so why not let everyone know at the same time? It also avoids overwhelming numbers of visitors during those first few weeks at home by limiting the sip & see to close family and friends.

Tip 2. Catering

Food and drink is usually the greatest expense. Which means that the catering is where you can make the biggest savings. The best way to do this is by managing what your guests consume. Which is why buffets are such a popular option. Buffets aren't just easier to organise, they also save on the cost of additional staff. There are many ways to set up your buffet. A traditional sip & see usually takes place in the afternoon with a selection of pastries and cakes. These can be made in advance with the help of friends and family. You can also opt for an aperitif followed by home-made hot dogs on the BBQ, or a potluck meal where everyone contributes a dish.

Many people underestimate the cost of alcohol. Determine what drinks you want to serve in advance, and let the off-licence or brewery know how many guests you expect. They'll be able to give you an accurate estimate of what’s required. You can also ask to pay after the event with the option of returning any surplus. That way you only pay for what’s actually consumed.

Tip 3. Venue

Select a venue that allows you to provide your own catering and drinks. Buying and preparing everything yourself saves a considerable amount of money. Still have contacts at a tennis club or youth organisation you used to be a member of? Maybe they want to help prepare and serve the food and drinks - for a small contribution to their operating costs. 

Tip 4. Decorating

DIY is key when it comes to both budget-friendly catering and decorations. However, try not to go overboard when cutting costs. Nobody wants to celebrate in a bare, uninviting room and a good photographer can add enormous value to the event. So give your sip & see a fun theme that incorporates a play corner for the other children, and ask friends or relatives to help with the decorations. 

Tip 5. Spread your costs

The advantage of a sip & see is that you have up to 9 months to prepare for everything. Use that time for your budget too. Spread your costs by paying for some things in advance, such as the decorations, invitations or the deposit on the venue. Did you know you can request your Starting Amount or Maternity Allowance (worth 1214,49 Euro) prior to the birth of your little one? You can also use part of this financial benefit for your sip & see.

 Are you pregnant? Request your Maternity Allowance or Starting Amount and we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on any entitlements:

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